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To Walk The Forest Black

Album: ''To Walk The Forest Black'' (1997 Demo)
1. The Black Forest
2. Beneath The Grave

the forgotten


February, 1997. Four men, bored and fed up with the times, the music and the entire indolent scene, gather and decide to form a band that would reflect their punk ethic and values as well as bring back a forgotten style of punk rock. An approach that balances substance and style. They named this band The Forgotten.

One month and four demo songs later sees the band in the offices of TKO Records making a handshake deal for an EP with an option for an LP. With the success of the TKO’s release of The Forgotten’s “Class Separation” EP, TF is commissioned to record “Veni Vidi Vici” the band’s first full length album. Good friend and fellow musician Lars Frederiksen was an essential part of the mix taking on the producer’s mantle for both of these releases. 1998, shortly after the release of “Veni…” TF pops their tour cherry with a 2 month U.S. tour with the legendary Peter Testube and the Test Tube Babies.

The Forgotten quickly developed a fever for the road and began to tour several months out of the year and expanding their fan base by playing live in front of crowds not only in the U.S. but in Canada, Japan, The UK and Europe. By 2002 the band has become a well oiled, seasoned outfit of misfits. Their tenacity has brought them yet another full length album on TKO Records titled “Keep the Corpses Quiet”, three releases in Europe, a very rare picture disk and spots on killer Punk Festivals such as With Full Force and Holidays in the Sun.

TF’s crowning achievement for 2002 was to be picked up by the legendary Better Youth Organization Records. “Control Me” was promptly released. Currently The Forgotten is in the studio jamming songs together and writing their latest album for BYO. Look for The Forgotten on tour in your town and for new release showing up in your local record store.

Black Metal

United States of America (Commack, New York), formed in 1995

Paragon Records


M - Summoning
Ed Weaver - Guitars, Screams
Marc Weissbaum - Hammering
Ghost - Synth & Effects
Dominus - Bass guitars


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