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The Sombre Light Of Isolation

Album: ''The Sombre Light Of Isolation'' (2004)
1. Commemorate the Misery
2. A Cruel Misfortune
3. The Eternal
4. Down
5. The Somber Light of Isolation
6. Black Serenity
7. Crimson Sacrifice
8. Harmony of Dissonance
9. Remembrance Scars
10. All Hope Lost

Sleep Of Reason

Album: ''Sleep Of Reason'' (2005)
1. Awaken, Arise
2. Everlasting
3. To Drown
4. A Soul Undone
5. Hollow Inside
6. In My Skin
7. A Dreams End
8. Beneath the Soil
9. Sleep of Reason
10. The Dying Light
11. Weight of Empathy

the eternal


The Eternal were formed by Mark Kelson (Guitar/Vocals) & Chris Stevenson (Keyboards) in Melbourne, Australia, early 2003. They were quickly signed to Firebox Records of Finland on the strength of a short promotional recording they produced that year. Their first album, The Sombre Light of Isolation was released in 2004 to rapturous reviews. Darren White (ex-Anathema /The Blood Divine) also contributed guest vocals on the track ‘Remembrance Scars’.

In 2004, The Eternal toured Hong Kong, Europe and their native Australia in support of their debut. The Sombre Light of Isolation was voted 5th best Australian release of 2005 by listeners to Australian national radio Triple J's Full Metal Racket, and nominated as 2nd best Australian album of 2005 by the show's presenter. The band was also named in Kerrang! magazine's '50 Bands You Need To Know Right Now'.

In early 2005, The Eternal commenced recording their second album, Sleep of Reason, with Endel Rivers (Gunnar Graps Group, Proov 583) at Palm Studios (Black Majesty, Vanishing Point). The album was mastered by Mika Jussila (Amorphis, Nightwish) at Finnvox studios, and the sleeve art created by Travis Smith (Opeth, Anathema). Sleep of Reason was released internationally by Firebox in October 2005, again to glowing reviews. The band also endeavoured on a concept video clip for the track ‘Everlasting’ which was also well received.

2006 saw the The Eternal landing the Australian national support slot for Finnish rockers HIM, which coincided with the Australian release of Sleep of Reason. These successful shows were shortly followed by shows supporting Swedish death/prog masters Opeth on their ‘Ghost Reveries’ Australian tour. The Eternal delivered performances which won them many new fans and much recognition in their home country. 2006 also saw guitarist’s Mark Kelson & Lincoln Bowen receiving ESP guitar and Dean Markley Endorsements.

The Eternal are currently developing material for a third album. With up to 14 songs close to completion, the band hope to have it see the light of day in 2007. Dark, melodic, emotional and dynamic are a few words to describe the sound of The Eternal. Sleep of Reason is a taste of things to come.

Gothic/Doom Metal

Australia (Melbourne), formed in 2003

Firebox Records


Mark Kelson: Vocals/Guitar (session for Virgin Black, Cryptal Darkness, ex-Black Majesty (Aus), Desolate Eternity, InSomnius Dei, ex-Paramaecium)
Terry Vainoras: Guitar/Backing Vocals (Order of Chaos, InSomnius Dei, ex-Damaged (Aus), ex-Earth (Aus))
Chris Stevenson: Keyboards/ Programming
James O'Toole: Bass/Backing Vocals
Marty O'Shea: Drums

Chris Burton (ex-Paramaecium)
Matt Castles (session)
Lincoln Bowen (ex-Mortification (Aus), Day of Atonement)

Paul Tipping (ex-Catwitch)
James Hunt (ex-InSomnius Dei)

Ryan Buesnel
Pete Marin - Drums (ex-InSomnius Dei)


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