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Album: ''Adelain'' (1995)
1. I Of Forever
2. As One
3. Un Sentiment / I Was Dying Once Again
4. Of Purity And Black
5. Foredoomed Elegy
6. Father Forgive Them (For They Do Not Know)
7. Elysian Fields
8. Deicide / The Auspice

Promo Tape

Album: ''Promo Tape'' (1995 Demo)
1. Elisian Fields
2. Father Forgive Them (For They Do Not Know)

We...the Enlightened

Album: ''We...the Enlightened'' (1999)
1. Their Blood Be On Us
2. I Am The Unknown Sky
3. Until The Night Crise Rise In The Heart
4. ...And The Everdawn Faded Away
5. Shall They Come Forth Unto Us
6. Arcana Caelestia
7. The End Shall Be Tragically Fulfilled
8. The Last Star of Heaven Falls
9. Wither, Oh Divine, Wither

12 Ablaze

Album: ''12 Ablaze'' (2001)
1. Enshield my Hate Eternal
2. Of Dawns, Perished Tranquillity
3. Rapture and the Mourning Virtue
4. Weak we Stand Before Them
5. Ablazing 12
6. A Serenade Like Blood Caress
7. Even if I Could Forgive
8. The Entreaty Unsung
9. As the Light Dissapears

Suffering G.O.D. Almighty

Album: ''Suffering G.O.D. Almighty'' (2005)
1. Aeon's Unlight
2. I Am Your Willing Darkness
3. Suffering G.O.D. Almighty
4. Ravished With Thee Light
5. Unleashing the Propaganda
6. I See the Lie Behind All the Truths
7. An Overture of Sorrows Unfolding
8. All Those Tristful Winters
9. Anathema Unveiled

the elysian fields


Shrouded in an aura suitable for a band hailing from the mythical and legendary Greece, THE ELYSIAN FIELDS dwell on the misanthropic and the heroic. Tales of ancient struggles and bitter conflicts dominate their sound, which relies heavily on extreme tempo changes, ripping melodic guitars and ancient orchestral touches with the use of violins and piano. THE ELYSIAN FIELDS certainly sound like no-one else, alternating between hate-filled blast passages and mood driven reflective moments.
The determination of the band can be judged by their rise from the obscure Greek metal scene, firstly with the obligatory demos and then with the release of their debut album, “Adelain” through a small local label in 1995 their musical abilities became evident through a compact combination of melody and aggressiveness.
In 1998 they signed a deal with the British based label Wicked World/Earache, releasing their second album entitled “We…the enlightened”. Once again the main elements of their music, melody and violence, surfaced in a more matured way proving that the band is a driving force in the contemporary death metal scene.
In the late 2000 the band left Wicked World/Earache on mutual agreement since they were dissatisfied from the label’s support and abilities for future co-operation.
So finally in 2001 a pact with the Greek label BLACK LOTUS RECORDS was signed and the band entered the infamous Praxis studio to complete the recordings and mixing of their third opus entitled “12 Ablaze”. Fast rhythms, attack-mode guitars and screaming vocals blend with orchestral sounds and romantic piano parts and violins. The melody takes over riding the black horse of violence and completely annihilating everything in it’s path! This is the perfect formula of extreme aggression, romantic melancholy and epic, mythical atmosphere! The 12 are certainly on fire……….
Early in 2005 the band made the following statement for its new release “Suffering GOD Almighty”

“No line up changes. Only a hell in our minds messed things up...
The musical specter, during the several years since the capturing of "12 Ablaze" or even " We... The Enlightened", has been expanded for TEF. We have experimented with ideas never mentioned before or at least thought of being a reality for our concept... We have added some of our extremities in "Suffering G.O.D Almighty" and there we had a mixture of an almost blurry stuff. A blend that could destroy every dream and hope we generated for ourselves and each individual who found enchanting all 3 previous attempts of TEF. None could ever imagine how it 'd end up and sound after all the processes we needed, to bring forth a song in TEF 's way! In fact, I m not sure by the time I write these lines, on how u re gonna react... I still don t know if I enjoy or fear the latest spawn of ours. Food for thought!

One thing is assuring... All the diversity and brilliance originate from the creativity of our sick and lustful hearts... Nothing else to add!”

Melodic Death/Black Metal

Greek mythology, misanthropy

Greece (Athens), formed in 1993

Black Lotus Records


Bill A. - Vocals, Bass
Marinos A. - Guitars, Keyboards
Michael K. - Fx and Programming (Havorum)


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