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The Berzerker

Album: ''The Berzerker'' (2000)
1. Reality
2. Forever
3. Burnt
4. Pain
5. Cannibal Rights
6. Massacre
7. Chronological Order of Putrefaction
8. Deform
9. Slit Down
10. February
11. Mono Grind
12. Ignorance
13. Humanity
14. 95
15. Ode to Nash


Album: ''Demo's 1998'' (2000 Demo)
1. Burned
2. Pain
3. Mono Grind
4. Berzerker
5. Black Metal
6. Hard Fuck
7. Slit Down
8. Dante's Inferno
9. Drum Stuff?
10. ?
11. See No Evil
12. Pain


Album: ''Dissimulate'' (2002)
1. Disregard
2. Failure
3. The Principles and Practices of Embalming
4. No One Wins
5. Death Reveals
6. Compromise
7. Betrayal
8. Last Mistake
9. Painless
10. Pure Hatred
11. Paradox
12. Abandonment
13. -
14. Corporal Jigsore Quandary (Carcass cover)

The Principles And Practices Of The Berzerker

Album: ''The Principles And Practices Of The Berzerker'' (2004 DVD)
1. Intro
2. Forever
3. Betrayal
4. Pure Hatred
5. Principles and Practices of Embalming
6. Deform
7. Reality
8. Disregard
9. Failure
10. Cannibal Rights
11. Incarnated Solvent Abuse
12. No One Wins (video)
13. February
14. Compromise
15. Corporal Jigsaw Quandary (Carcass cover)
16. Mono Grind
17. Death Reveals
18. No One Wins

World of Lies

Album: ''World of Lies'' (2005)
1. Committed to Nothing
2. Black Heart
3. All About You
4. Burn the Evil
5. World of Tomorrow
6. Follow Me
7. _Y_
8. As the World Waits
9. Afterlife
10. Never Hated More
11. Free Yourself
12. Constant Pain
13. Silence
14. Farewell

Animosity EP

Album: ''Animosity EP'' (2006 EP)
1. Heavily Medicated
2. Deform (live)
3. Reality (live)

the berzerker


The Berzerker are an industrial death grind band that utilise drum triggers to produce cyber or electronic sounding drums, in the gabba style. They hail from Melbourne, Australia. Specializing in Speed, Intensity and aggression. The wall of noise produced by the band encompasses very untraditional drums sound supplied in the form of distorted 909 kick drums, and industrial sound scapes with general destructive elements used to enhance sonic assault. With twin vocal attacks and machine gun vocals rhythms the band stop at nothing to express their hatred on humanity.

The Berzerker was created as a solo studio project in 1995 and went on to release various EP's on labels such as Industrial Strength (USA), Speedcore (GERMANY)and Widerstand (AUSTRIA)
1998 saw the initial contact with Earache Records (UK) with the re-mixes of the Morbid Angel tracks
Day of Suffering, Abominations and The Ancient Ones. The Berzerker was offered a contract with Earache Records for a number of full-length albums shortly afterwards, and in 2000 the Self-Titled album was released and the live act was born.

The bands first film clip for the track "Reality" was banned by the ITC (independent television commission) and MTV due to excessive strobe lighting and horrific images, including the appearance of the band.

In early 2001 the band headed off on a successful 27 show tour of the USA and Canada.

And in 2002/03 the band embarked on a World Tour to support their album Dissimulate this saw over 100 shows played across Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, and many more. They did full month long tours with bands such as
Nile, Napalm Death, Strapping Young Lad, Vader, Immolation and many more...

The Berzerker recently played in the UK, with David Gray from Akercocke on drums and Matt Wilcox (once the Berzerker guitarist) also from Akercocke on guitars.

Industrial Death/Grind

Misanthropy, Anger, Medical/Pathological Errors

Australia (Melbourne), formed in 1995



The Vocalist: Humanoid Cable Dreads (Luke Kenny) (also in NTSC)
The Bassist/Vocalist: Horned Devil (Sam Bean) (The Senseless)

Tour band:
Matt Wilcock (fka Zombie) - Guitar (Abramelin (Aus), Akercocke, Steel Affliction, The Senseless)
Ed Lacey - Guitar
Dave Gray - Drums (Akercocke)

Ryan - Drums (for European dates in 2001 after The Drummer broke his foot)
Toby (Sam) - Additional Vocals on ``The Berzerker``
Ed - Guitar on 'The Berzerker' and additional Guitar and Bass on 'World of Lies'.
Jason - additional Guitar and Bass on 'The Berzerker' and 'World of Lies'.
Patrick Beaudoin - Guitar on 'The Berzerker' (though it never made it onto the final mix)
The Drummer - Weredog Mask (Gary) (Plague (Aus))
Adrian - additional Guitar and Bass on 'World of Lies'.


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