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Revelations of the Unsung

Album: ''Revelations of the Unsung'' (2004)
1. The Great Escape
2. Revelation
3. Calm After the Storm
4. Last Desperado
5. Deflowered
6. Doomed Generation
7. Homecoming
8. Bonds In Which We Break
9. Shadows of Betrayal
10. Beginning's End

Embrace The Gutter

Album: ''Embrace The Gutter'' (2006)
1. Prologue
2. Decay
3. The Yearning
4. Embrace The Gutter
5. Ghost
6. Misery
7. This Future Disease
8. One Last Thrill
9. No End In Sight
10. Walk The Line
11. The Final Cut

the autumn offering


Amidst the contrasting landscapes of beautiful beaches, sleazy tourist traps and NASCAR tracks in Floridas Daytona Beach, a burgeoning metal and hardcore scene thrives alongside the overly tanned, the white trash and the elderly. The extremes of the local sunshine and image of perfection projected upon the outside world, contrasted with the gritty reality of the blue collar lifestyle, inspired The Autumn Offering to conceptualize the reality of the everyman with their prominent new metal album Embrace The Gutter.

When The Autumn Offering started in 1999, the airwaves were full of bands like Blink 182 and fellow Floridians New Found Glory. At the time, high school freshman Sean Robbins was completely alienated by this trend and decided to start a band that would express a different side of emotions. He explains, "It seemed like everyone was diving into this pop punk that was sweeping the nation we just couldnt buy into the idea of plastic heartache with a hookline. We wanted to take all of lifes frustrations and the overall feeling of hopelessness and turn it into something that could be a hard-hitting force." Influenced by a wide range of music, both past and present, the band began perfecting their sound, which has been described as being an aggressive blend of groove-stocked heavy metal and melody-rich rock and roll. By 2003, The Autumn Offering were a self - made metal machine, notorious for reviving the glory days of the genre: chock full of sex, drugs and rock and roll. After completing countless regional tours and building an army of loyal followers, The Autumn Offering embarked on several self-booked US tours. Hatebreed front-man Jamey Jasta took notice of the deafening buzz surrounding The Autumn Offering in the metal world, singing them to Stillborn Records and releasing Revelations Of The Unsung the same year. The Autumn Offering tirelessly toured, eventually sharing the stage alongside Slayer, Slipknot, Mastodon, God Forbid, Killswitch Engage and more. Heavy yet catchy, the record is a confident, explosive statement for a freshman recording, being called one of the rare encouraging records in a genre otherwise swamped by formula and clich by The UCD Advocate.

Revelations Of The Unsung quickly caught the attention of indie stalwart Victory Records in the late summer days of 2005, signing The Autumn Offering to a roster of proven metal talents like Darkest Hour, Atreyu, Between The Buried And Me and Dead To Fall. After reissuing their debut album with Victory Records in January 2006, The Autumn Offering entered Audiohammer Studios with Jason Suecof (God Forbid, Trivium) in early 2006 to begin work on Embrace The Gutter, which lands in stores everywhere on May 16, 2006. The Autumn Offerings thunderous, groove-laden brand of heavy metal recalls the early days of classics like Metallica and Pantera. With Embrace The Gutter, Robbins explains, We stand for the common person. Were not pretty, we dont sell records on looks and we dont give a fuck about anything but our band and our fans. Having delivered the next chapter of autobiographical yet apocalyptic metal for the everyman, The Autumn Offering is prepared to stop at nothing to become the one band that the world can count on to kick start a new era in genuine metal. Robbins explains that the main goal for The Autumn Offering is to be a breath of fresh air for those who are depressed, frustrated, and are looking for a screaming voice they can relate to.

The Autumn Offering have perfected a dynamic blend of metal styles that expresses their outrage against the shallow beach culture and vacuous values of southern Florida. What makes them stand out from the pack is their seamless blend of the mind-boggling solos rock and roll stylings of heroes like Guns N Roses with traditional metals darker outlook. Fans of every generation of metal will find a lot to love about The Autumn Offering. They will bring their incendiary show to stages everywhere in 2006.

Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

Inner Struggles, Relationships

United States of America (Daytona Beach, FL), formed in 1999

Victory Records


Matt McChesney - Vocals (ex-Hell Within, ex-Cadaveryne)
Tommy Church - Guitars (End of All, Tenafly Viper)
Matt Johnson - Guitars
Sean Robbins - Bass
Allen Royal - Drums

George Moore - Guitars/Vocals
Dennis Miller - Vocals
Nick Gelyon - Drums
Reno Staples - Guitar
Tony Cesaro - Guitar
Mike Bortle - Drums


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