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Song For The Dead King

Album: ''Song For The Dead King'' (2004)
1. Song For The Dead King
2. Prayer
3. Queen Of Snows
4. Treasure Hunter
5. Sentinel
6. Wanderer
7. Midnight
8. On The Pier

Reviving A Hero

Album: ''Reviving A Hero'' (2006 Demo)
1. Fortuneteller
2. Summoner
3. Reviving A Hero

the aerium


The Aerium band was born in 2001, but it's suitable to say that it was an idea only.Three of them (Alex, Andrew and Kirill) played together since 1999 in the project called "Version".

Two years later they decided to begin a new project, quite different from the previous one and in 2002 Igor and Veronika joined the band.

At the moment they finally defined the concept of their music and began creating songs where symphonic scores and opera vocal. It brought melody and some kind of tragic element to the music. The first created and recorded song was "The Bones", but it wasn't included in demos, and the first recorded song which defined the style of the band was "Sond For the Dead King".

At the end of 2002 the Aerium recorded the first demo-CD including three songs ("Sond For the Dead King", "Sentinel" and "Wanderer").

In 2003 they worked on new material, played gigs and finally decided to record some of new songs. Those records was planned both as an album and as demo-CD.

Recording was finished in July 2004 and the result was fourty-minutes long CD titled "Song For the Dead King". Now the band is working on new material and preparing for a local concert tour.In October 2004 The Aerium signed a contract with greek metal label Black Lotus for 2 albums and one optional.

Release of the first album "Song For the Dead King" is scheduled for November.

Part II.

During 2005 all the year long the band was writing and rehearsing new material. At the beginning the recording of the second album was sheduled on autumn, 2005, but then it was delayed to Jan 2006, and finally to autumn 2006 by the wish of BLR. During that time the line-up has changed. Kirill Novikov, the guitarist, left the band and Lev Chistyakov replaced him. And he fits to the band very well. By spring of 2006 the band decided to record one more demo, because of plenty of new songs.

Reviving A Hero - Demo2006 - contains three songs of the newest material. Style of the music is slightly changed, so theese songs was chosen to show it from the best view.

At the moment the band is planned to play some gigs and prepare for the second studio album record session which planned on autumn, 2006.

Symphonic/Gothic Metal

Russia (Miass, Chelyabinsk Region), formed in 2001



Anastasia Kutuzova - Vocals
Alexander Gubko - Drums
Lev Chistyakov - Guitars
Andrey Grishin - Keyboards
Igor Reshentikov - Bass

Kirill Novikov - Guitars
Veronika Sevostyanova - Vocals


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