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Album: ''Polars'' (2003)
1. Swandive
2. Ostensibly Impregnable
3. Young Man
4. Transgression
5. The Barrier
6. Effluent
7. Polars
8. Heave

Drawing Circles

Album: ''Drawing Circles'' (2006)
1. Drive
2. Regenesis
3. Denying Gravity
4. Illumination
5. Stream of Consciousness
6. Upwards
7. Circular
8. Millstone
9. Touching the Absolute
10. Surreal State of Enlightenment

Album: ''Textures - Sampler'' (2006 Single)
1. Regenesis
2. Millstone
3. Swandive



"We love to make music that makes your ears bleed,” says Jochem Jacobs, guitarist of TEXTURES - the most mind-bending Dutch experience not available in a coffee house or the red light district; “It’s all about layering and transitions from calm, serene passages to aggressive, hyped up stuff. We like to play with atmosphere a lot too, and vary a lot of stuff while still maintaining an overall sense of cohesion.”

Formed in 2001, TEXTURES – Jacobs, guitarist Bart Hennephof, drummer Stef Broks, bassist Dennis Aarts and synth maestro Richard Rietdijk – decided that the only way to truly capture their musical manifesto was to tackle every element of creating an album themselves – from production through to artwork. The result of these considerable efforts was TEXTURES’ 2003 debut ‘Polars’, an album practically overspilling with ideas, the Dutch sextet merging the polyrhythmic attack of Meshuggah with Devin Townsend influenced soaring melody and stacks of imagination to epic effect.

Rapturously received by the press both home and abroad, ‘Polars’ was bestowed with an Essent Award for ‘Most Promising Act’ in 2004, TEXTURES hitting the road hot on the albums heels to rack up shows alongside the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, Machine Head and Cult Of Luna as well as putting in crowd leveling performances at Fury Fest and Lowlands.

But now the time has come for the next chapter; the next layer, if you will, of TEXTURES.

The bands second album ‘Drawing Circles’ (once again, self produced and self recorded) - was released April 17th, 2006 via Listenable Records - is a jaw dropping body of work that sees the sextet still frothing with rabid ambition, pushing the envelope of metal and hardcore to its limits; bending and moulding the genres into unexpected new shapes. It is a rare breed of metal/h ardcore album where one can find tracks such as ‘Illumination’ - a subtle exploration of Broadway show tinged melody that showcases Eric Kalsbeek’s diverse tonsils – sitting comfortably next to ‘Regenesis’ - a driving, complex mini-epic of thundering guitar work and guttural screams. But then, ‘Drawing Circles’ really is unlike anything else you’re likely to hear this year, this decade, this century – a true original in a time of repetition.

Upping the ante in heaviness and melody, ‘Drawing Circles’ is simultaneously richer and more in your face than ‘Polars’, its ten tracks unrestrained by boundaries, trends or conventions. So what are you waiting for? Perk up your ears, open your mind and prepare to be absorbed, intrigued, and utterly blown away.

The response to the album was overwhelming with multiple cover stories, album of the month in Hard ‘n Heavy (France) and amazing reviews around the world. Directly after the release of the album the band hit the road being supported by the like of The Ocean (Metal Blade Records) and label mates Gojira.

Ending 2006, touring as support act to Arch Enemy on their European tour.

In 2007 the momentum is growing, blowing the audience away at the international industry showcase event Eurosonic held in the North of The Netherlands. They were also chosen to play Holland’s Live XS Award show, pleasing fans and voters as they were nominated in 3 different categories.

In March/April the band hit the road together with All That Remains (USA/Prosthetic Records) and Misery Signals (USA/Ferret Music) for 23 European dates, most of which hit the longstanding rock venues in the UK including the Carling Academy London.

This was followed by a few short tours of Spain, Denmark and the UK, amongst festival appearances all over Europe. This period saw bass player Dennis Aarts leave the band. He was followed up by the talented Remko Tielemans (37 Stabwoundz, Isle of Man).

With a new solid line-up the band will spend the Fall of 07 in the studio, recording the follow up to 'Drawing Circles', which will see it's Worldwide release Spring 08.

Audio, video and extended info about the band is available @ or

Progressive / Death / Thrash Metal

contrast: chaos vs.serenity,nature vs. the machine

Netherlands (Tilburg/Noord-Brabant), formed in 2001

Listenable Records


Eric Kalsbeek - Vocals (Sengaia, Brainshake)
Jochem Jacobs - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Bart Hennephof aka "Bastærd" - Guitars (Brutus (Hol))
Remko Tielemans - Bass (Isle of Man, Postmortem Fabulae, 37 Stabwoundz)
Stef Broks - Drums (Exivious, Empty (Hol))
Richard Rietdijk - Keyboards

Pieter Verpaalen - Vocals
Rom De Leeuw - Vocals (Empty (Hol))
Michel "MuD" Quak - Bass (Session)
Dennis Aarts - Bass (Empty (Hol))


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