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Album: ''Demo '98'' (1998 Demo)
1. Niepewnośæ
2. Trauma
3. Smooth Criminal
4. Odwaga


Album: ''Demo '99'' (1999 Demo)
1. Wiara
2. I Want To Break Free
3. Presja
4. Smooth Criminal
5. Niepewnośæ
6. Trauma

Crossing the Flatline

Album: ''Crossing the Flatline'' (2000 Demo)
1. Pustka
2. Crossing the Flatline
3. S.N.Y.
4. Niepewnośæ (extra version)

Album: ''50% - Garage 2000/2001'' (2001)
1. Destiny
2. Little Morus
3. Yuppies
4. Smooth Criminal
5. Crossing the Flatline
6. Pustka
7. S.N.Y.
8. Moja Niepewnośæ



TESTOR was established at the beginning of 1990s. The most important events in the history of the band include:
- recording a debut cassette "Through The Back Door" in 1991;
- performances in festivals in Jarocin in 1993 and 1994;
- recording a video clip to the song: "Jak Kamienie" for the programme LUZ and taking the first place in the plebiscite for the best video clip;
- the audience prize in the Review of Rock Bands in BechatĂłw in 1994;
- 1st prize in the contest during the festival in Wegorzewo in 1995;
- a concert tour in Poland Prince Rock Tour with Vader, Sweet Noise and Proletaryat in 1995;
- recording a debut CD entitled "Ruiny" in the studio of Winicjusz Chrost in 1996;
- recording the second clip to the song "Mr. Hyde" and the third video clip to "Henio";
- performances in Przystanek Woodstock in Zary in 1998 and 1999;
- recording the second CD entitled "50%" in 2001;
- recording the fourth video clip to the song "Smooth Criminal" in 2003;
- recording a single "Pillar" in 2005;
- performance in Hunter Fest 2006 in Szczytno;
- recording the third CD entitled "Next Stop Insanity" in 2007.
If you want to help - organize a concert for us or promote our music - don't hesitate to contact TESTOR at following address: Be patient and stay heavy!

Speed / Thrash Metal

Poland (Warszawa), formed in 1989

Apim Records


Rafa³ "Kefir" Wachnicki - Vocals (WolfRider)
Sebastain Górski - Bass
Robert "Robson" Pruski - Guitars
Wies³aw "D¿ang" Jung - Guitars
Miros³aw "Mekson" Jung - Drums

Jaros³aw "Wa¿niak" Woźniak - Bass
Micha³ Jasiñski - Bass (ex-Curse Ritual)
Pawe³ Nawrocki - Bass
Pawe³ Zakrzewski - Guitars (Geisha Goner)
Maciej Taff - Vocals (ex-Geisha Goner, Neolithic, Rootwater)
Krzysztof Rustecki - Vocals (Crodor)
Pawe³ Świtkowski - Vocals
Krzysztof Radtke - Vocals
Wojciech Lada - Vocals (ex-Vengence)
Robert "Fabio" Prach - Vocals (Unnamed)
Krzysztof Ostrowski - Guitar (Pascal)


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