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Album: ''Demo '87'' (1988 Demo)
1. Ripped to Shreds
2. Corporation Pull-In
3. After World Obliteration
4. Human Prey
5. Strategic Warheads
6. Fallout
7. Infestation

World Downfall

Album: ''World Downfall'' (1989)
1. After World Obliteration
2. Storm of Stress
3. Fear of Napalm
4. Human Prey
5. Corporation Pull-In
6. Strategic Warheads
7. Condemned System
8. Resurrection
9. Enslaved by Propaganda
10. Need to Live
11. Ripped to Shreds
12. Injustice
13. Whirlwind Struggle
14. Infestation
15. Dead Shall Rise
16. World Downfall

Darker Days Ahead

Album: ''Darker Days Ahead'' (2006)
1. Inevitable (intro)
2. Darker Days Ahead
3. Crematorium
4. Fallout
5. Doomed Forever
6. Mayhem
7. Blind Army
8. Nightmare
9. Legacy of Brutality
10. Dead Shall Rise V.06
11. Victim of Greed
12. Ghost Train (outro)



Terrorizer is a grindcore band formed in 1986 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Terrorizer is considered to be a seminal band in the grindcore and death metal subgenres. After disbanding, its members gained recognition as members of other influential extreme metal bands, such as Morbid Angel (David Vincent, Pete Sandoval) and Napalm Death (Jesse Pintado).

The group released their one album "World Downfall" in 1989. This album is considered immensely influential by many extreme metal aficionados. Then in 2003 an album containing two rehearsal sessions of the band from 1987 was released.

In early 2005 it was rumoured that Terrorizer were to reform with their original line-up, this has been confirmed by band members and they have recently announced that they have been working on new material for the long-awaited (as yet untitled) studio album.

In 2006 Terrorizer issued a new album "Darker Days Ahead". Which was a formidable come back for Terrorizer. Sadly, on 26th of August, Jesse Pintado
(the guitarist of the band) passed away in the hospital, located in Ridderkerk, Holland, where he lived the last years of his life. He will be missed by everyone.

Grind/Death Metal

Political, Social Issues, Violence

United States of America (Los Angeles, CA.), formed in 1987

Century Media

On hold

Tony Norman - Bass (Morbid Angel (live), ex-Monstrosity (US), Lover of Sin, Voodoogods, Belligerent)
Anthony Rezhawk - Vocals (Resistant Culture)
Pete Sandoval - Drums (Morbid Angel)

Alfred "Garvey" Estrada - Bass (Nausea (US))
Oscar Garcia - Vocals, Guitar (Majesty, Nausea (US))
Jesse Pintado (R.I.P. 27th August 2006, liver failure) - Guitar (ex-Napalm Death, Lockup)
David Vincent - Bass/Vocals on World Downfall (Morbid Angel)


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