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Electric Hellfire Kiss

Album: ''Electric Hellfire Kiss'' (2002)
1. Electric Hellfire Kiss
2. Alienation
3. Descend From Heaven
4. Nocturnal Rhapsody
5. Beauty Destroyed
6. She Darks The Sun
7. Starlet Wolverine
8. Death Becomes You
9. At The Mountain
10. Malochia

Descend From Heaven

Album: ''Descend From Heaven'' (2002 EP)
1. Descend From Heaven
2. Crimson Beast
3. It's A Sin
4. In Xanadu


There are two artists called Tenebre:

1) Tenebre is a gothic rock/metal band from Sweden influenced by bands like The Damned, Sisters Of Mercy and 69 Eyes. These swedes have released 5 albums + a bunch of singles and a couple of vinyls, with the first album released in 1996.

With the release of "Heart's Blood", in 2005, Tenebre became a little less metal and more gothic. The music is very much in the veins of the Sisters of Mercy, but one can also hear similarities to bands like Moonspell and Type O Negative.

Richard Lion -Guitars
Michael Körner -Guitars and computers
Jenny T -Bass
Kalle Metz -Voices
Andreas The Chef -Drums
Ivana Satana -Keyboard

Official website:

2) An indie band from the US.
Taking their cues from 33.3, Don Caballero and Owls, the instrumental trio Tenebre have established themselves in the movement of San Francisco post-punk spearheaded by bands such as Deerhoof and The Aislers Set. Anything but a typical indie post-rock act, Tenebre are more concerned with creating beautiful soundscapes than imitating their influences. Both aggressive and subdued, flashy and tasteful, technically stunning and sincere, Tenebre's dense rhythmic structures, fluttering fret-tapped guitarwork, complex harmonization and dynamic instrumental interplay create a unique listening experience, equally impressive and beautiful.

Gothic Metal

Sweden (Malmö), formed in 1996

Regain Records


Richard Lion - Bass, now Guitar (Flegma)
Fredrik Tack - Guitar
Andreas Albin - Drums
Ivana - Keyboard
Jenny T - Bass

Peter Mårdklint - Guitar (All Ends, Embraced)
Victor Fradera - Vocals
Julius - Keyboard
Joel Linder - Drums
Kalle Metz - Vocals (Flegma)
Lakas Sunesson - Guitar
Franco Bollo - Guitars
Martin Olsson - Guitar (Flegma)


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