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Blood & Tears

Album: ''Blood & Tears'' (1995)
1. The Ways Of Human Misery
2. Mar De Zozobra
3. At Dawn
4. Sarcoma
5. Tragedy
6. Abadias Al Norte
7. Sadness
8. Balneario De La Muerte
9. Angel Of Stone
10. Otonos De Alcohol
11. Hecatombe
12. Slow Death



Colombian band created in 1990 by David Rivera. In 1992 they released their demo “Visiones del Horror” (Horror Visions), in classical Death Metal vein. In 1994 they changed their sound and the band released their first album “El Vuelo de las Almas” (Flight of Souls). This album established the foundations of a style than mixed classical music with metal, introducing violin, soprano voice and some piano parts with a very solid rhythmical base of drums, bass and guitar. Besides, this album showed the way to many bands with Goth tendencies in the country.

In 1995 “Blood & Tears”, their second album, saw the light. This is the heaviest work of the band, with some touches of Black Metal (musically, not in the lyrics). Its sound is raw, combined with violin, keyboards and soprano parts. In 1996 “Sol Negro” (Black Sun) , a compilation with demo, first album and some rare unreleased live tracks, showed up.

In 1997 “Divine War” was released. This work split the bands musical history. More elaborated and melodic pieces were composed for this album. From this point the violin became TENEBRARUM´s seal of identity. Gutural parts were combined with lyrical voices. Divine War was the first interactive album in Colombia (in any genre) and one of the first albums in Latin America with this technology.

In 2000, to commemorate a decade of hard work, TENEBRARUM released “X”, their fifth album, in a special edition only in vinyl. This LP shows a more mature composition and more dense and defined sound.

In 2001 the band released Voices, a conceptual work in which the music is developed around a story divided in ten chapters. A chamber orchestra was used to give music a more interesting texture. It was mastered al Sterling Sound (NYC) by George Marino (Metallica, Aerosmith, Type O Negative, etc.).Spanish label Mondongo Canibale released Voice´s European version-it has new artwork, a live bonus track and two videos-.
In 2002 TENEBRARUM released Divine War 2002, a digipack with new versions of old songs. Besides, it contains a multimedia track with 14 songs in mp3 and a video.

Since 2006 the band has been working on their new album. It´s name is Winter. It has 12 songs –including a cover from colombian tecno band Estados Alterados-, string arrangements and female vocals. The sound of the new material is very sophisticated and mature.

TENEBRARUM has played in very important festivals like Rock al Parque (the biggest rock open air festival in South America after Rock in Rio), sharing stage with the most important groups of the country and Latin America (Masacre, A.N.I.M.A.L., Kraken, among many others). The band has been nominated several times as best metal band award by Shock, the most prestigious rock publication in Colombia.

Death/Gothic Metal

Spiritual, sadness, pain

Colombia (Medellín), formed in 1990

Voodoo Records


Juan Carlos Henao - Guitar (Cromlech (Col))
David Rivera - Violin (ex-Maleficarum (Col))
Julián Rivera - Bass
Luis García: Keyboard
Andrés Giraldo: Drums
Rio : Vocals

David Guerrero - Drums
Jorge Mejía - Drums
Daniel Builes - Drums
Walter Tamayo - Bass
Dora Vélez - Female Vocals
J.S. Ochoa - Keyboards
Mario ``Manithou`` Aponte - Vocals (Jezabel (Col), Aphangak, ex-Profecia (Col) and Manitu, Melej)
Cesar Vasquez Restrepo - Vocals
Andrés Meza - Drums


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