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Power Symbol

Album: ''Power Symbol'' (2005 EP)
1. Power Symbol
2. Nailed Down
3. Under The Mask
4. The Next Few Days
5. Angel's Dance
6. As One 'Till The End

tears from the sky


While the metal and hardcore scenes continue intermarrying with undeniable regularity, the majority of bands both big and small are still ruthlessly pigeonholed into their respective scenes and given little chance by the fans of either genre. Record labels, with the occasional exception, tend to intensify this polarization of appeal by only signing certain types of bands. A new vision is needed on behalf of a label, and new ground must be broken, if the two genres are to be taken seriously together as one, rather than just side-by-side. Tears From The Sky, one of Montreal's sole survivors of the hardcore uprising of the nineties and easily one of the most triumphant integrations of the two age-old styles the province of Quebec has ever produced, have not only succeeded in blending the two styles without pretension, they have revived the promise of self-empowerment through heavy music.

Following a year chock full of local shows, the band made their first recorded appearance with a well-received 6-song demo in 1999 and brief tours around Quebec to support the release. Surviving early and unexpected lineup changes which are much the norm in a scene abounding with both passion and responsibility, a regenerated Tears From The Sky returned with their still talked-about 2001 demo EP Light, As It Were, One Of The Colours. During that same year, the band remained active both in the studio and on the road in their native province and Ontario, contributing their stirring For The Decline Of Emotions to the Worldwide European Hardcore compilation CD on European Nightmare Records, and making new fans with their heightened touring schedule. This era for Tears From The Sky culminated in 2002 with a new song, The Next Few Days, appearing on the unforgettable 51.4.50 Montreal Hardcore compilation. The band then retreated briefly from the public eye in order to fill lineup holes that had emerged once again, and advance their approach to songwriting by taking advantage of newfound maturity and a wider array of influences.

The culmination of this intense period of individual and collective growth led to Tears From The Sky's most triumphant moment yet, their debut EP Power Symbol, released on admired US label Life Sentence Records (It Dies Today, With Dead Hands Rising). Its release marked the arrival of fiery new frontman Jean-Sebastien Racine, and a sound that was beginning to make waves abroad, as the band received correspondence laced with praise and admiration from both the States and Europe. The EP's success was a result of the band drawing on an increasingly diverse range of influences including but not limited to European death metal, southern rock, and world music. Increasing the EP's resonance was its moving title track, which has since become a crowd favorite and arguably the band's calling card in both Quebec and Ontario.

With the upcoming debut full-length Boredomville that will be out on Quebec's LostCity Industries (Owned by ex and current members of A Perfect Murder) May 8th 2007, Tears From The Sky have successfully begun writing a new chapter in their history, and one that is sure to surpass the already high standard they set for themselves throughout years past. Boredomville was recorded by Pierre Remillard (Cryptopsy, Gorguts, A Perfect Murder), giving the album a bass-heavy and reverberating mix that fittingly showcases their modernized Metal'n'roll signature sound. Upon its release, the band will embark on a road assault that will take them to countries as-of-yet uninitiated to the command Tears From The Sky bring forth. Expect big things from them in 2007.

Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

Canada (Quebec), formed in 1998

Lost City Industries


JS Racine - Vocals
Seb Filiatrault - Bass/Vocals
Guillaume Falstrault - Guitar
Yanic Desgroseillers - Guitar
Guillaume Lambert - Drums


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