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Drowned In Your Tears

Album: ''Drowned In Your Tears'' (2004 Demo)
1. Stolen By Sorrow
2. Iced Heart
3. Dust
4. Drowned In Your Tears


There are 2 artists with the name Teardown, a Hatecore one from the United States, 1), and a Melodic Heavy Metal one from Finland, 2).

1) Teardown is a Straight-Edge Hatecore band from Philadelphia, PA and includes an ex-member of the Blue Eyed Devils.

Teardown was originally formed in November 2003 by a couple of friends that had played together in a few local bands over the past several years. For the first few months the band practiced frequently, covering popular hardcore songs as well as writing original material. Unfortunately, not long after formation internal tension had grown within the band. A lack of dedication of some members, and lack of talent by others, forced a complete reconstruction of the band. Bob was the only remaining member, and began to search for others that were 100% dedicated and shared a similar passion for music. Over the spring of 2004 the new lineup of Teardown took shape, with members that had both devotion and talent for producing highly technical and energetic hardcore.

With the reformation of Teardown came a new mindset and theory behind the band. Not content with minor success and a mediocre sound, they wanted to form something more serious and professional. Besides having fun, they organized the band around the goal of achieving success. They want push themselves and their ability beyond the limits set in previous bands. With Ron doing Vocals, Bob on guitars, Sean on Drums, and Paul on Bass, Teardown has been persistently writing more powerful music, and practicing several times per week to become musically tight. They all have an experienced background in music and a wide range of musical interests. Paul also plays the violin, and frequently performs at local Irish bars and classical recitals. Sean has played drums for various death metal bands, and has played at local clubs, including the Trocadero. Bob has played in variety of local hardcore bands, and has traveled extensively in America and Europe to play shows. A very positive chemistry exists between the members, and they all share the same goals and interests for the band. They recently recorded their debut full length CD called "Against the Dying Light", which contains 10 aggressive tracks of brutal hardcore and heavy breakdowns. They are continually booking new shows, writing music, and are building a reputation as a serious band that puts on highly energetic performances. They have been played on a variety of local radio programs, including on the Loud and Local hour hosted by the major Philadelphia Station 94 WYSP, as well as doing shows throughout Europe and America.

Fans of powerful hardcore bands such as Hatebreed, Until the End, Throwdown, Terror, Death Before Dishonor, and Shockwave will find a similar energy and style in Teardown. Harsh vocals with heart-pounding breakdowns, as well as ear-catching melody, force the emotion of every Teardown song into the listener. Through hard work, dedication, and a passion for the music, they have formed a tight band with a distinct, aggressive sound in the hardcore scene.

2) Teardown from Finland was formed in the beginning of year 2001.Line-up of the band is still same, excluding the singer.First demo, entitled “Nothing should be wrong..” (2002) was made as a “home-recording”,
the singer at the time was Make.
That demo was never published.

Then there was a sort of brake in the bands activity.
During that, the singer Make left the band. Still, new material was made and the band decided to record a new demo. This takes place in autumn 2003.
Drums were recorded at Ylivieska´s Akustiikka-house and the rest of the instruments were recorded as home-recording.The singer at the new demo ”Drowned in your tears” is Katja,who joined the band in the same Autumn.

In the summer of 2005 Teardown started to record new material. This happened completely
as home-recording.
Recording sessions happenend periodic and it tooked long time to complete all instruments and vocals on tape. Katja´s friend Mage took part in recording sessions
by singing the backing vocals and by playing the violin.

Finally in autumn of 2006 mixing was ready and
"Cold rooms" was released.

Now Teardown is promoting new record to different medias and labels.The band has also started to make a new material for third Teardown release.

Melodic Heavy Metal

Finland (Haapajärvi), formed in 2001



Katja - Vocals
Ahmis - Guitar (Ydin, Malignus)
Rami - Drums
Pipsa - Keyboards
Keltsu - Guitar
Laba - Bass


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