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As Long As It Flows...

Album: ''As Long As It Flows...'' (2005)
1. Enter Talamyus
2. Hunger
3. Dark Land
4. In the Name of Blood
5. Never Betray
6. Darkest Void
7. Weakness
8. Blood Bath...
9. ...In the Battlefield
10. Dreaming (In a Dead World)



Born from a dream and their passion for Metal, Talamyus was founded in Montréal, Canada by Benoît St-Jean (guitar/vocals) and Dany St-Jean (bass), in 2002. The goal of the two brothers was to create a style that combines both old school Thrash and Death Metal and which would bring a nice touch of brutality to their other influence, Black Metal... In addition to having a passion for Vicking Metal, the band successfully reaches a uniqueness and originality totally of their own.

During a guitar lesson, Benoît met Rikk , who then became the band's second guitarist. Only one element needed to be taken care of: They still needed a drummer. Several candidates came and went, but they could not find anyone with whom they could feel the right chemistry with. While Benoît was in school studying in the field of music, he met Jean-Philippe Latour, who is a sound engineer. With over fifteen years of experience under his belt on stage and in studio, mainly as a guitar player, he offered his services to Ben as a drummer. Right off the bat, after the very first jamming session they had together, they knew they had found their man!

In February of 2005, after a few gigs in Montréal, Talamyus decided to enter Jean-Philippe's studio (Studio En-Phase) to record their debut album, entitled "As Long As It Flows...". Early during the recording session, Rikk left the band and J-P had to also perform the rythym guitars on the album. In August of 2005, Nicolas Vincent joined the band, which brought them back to a "complete line-up" status. The people at Great White North immediately saw the huge potential this band had and signed them fore the release of this debut album. It will be available in November 2005 and they have projected tons of projects concerning Talamyus for 2005 and 2006.

In 2006 GWN records decided to close the labels due to the lack of time and money. Rémy (founder of the now dead GWN records ) start a new label called Prodisk and decided to get the new album of Talamyus a mixture of thrash metal a viking metal. With a new Drummer Joe Herbst (ex -Deathrow) they are now ready more than ever to enter the battlefield and destroy everything that pass over them!

In August of 2007 they realeased their second album entitled "In These Days Of Violence".

Viking Metal

War, Viking themes, righteousness

Canada (Montréal, Québec), formed in 2002



Benoît St-Jean - Guitar, Vocals
Dany St-Jean - Bass
Nicolas Vincent - Guitar
Jonathan Herbst - Drums

Rikk - Guitar
Jean-Philippe Latour - Drums


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