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Leaving the Past Behind

Album: ''Leaving the Past Behind'' (1993)
1. Eternal Lies
2. Miracle
3. Voices Are Calling
4. Reach for the Sky
5. Eyes of a Stranger
6. Save Me
7. 1388
8. Leaving the Past Behind
9. Reflections
10. Way of History

Sender of Thoughts

Album: ''Sender of Thoughts'' (1995)
1. Fading Pictures
2. Sender of Thoughts
3. Morning Sun
4. Lost in Time
5. Different Eyes
6. Time of Silence
7. Forever Gone
8. Circle of Souls
9. Here After
10. Gates of Babylon (Rainbow cover)
11. Netherworld


Album: ''Paradigma'' (1996 EP)
1. Stories Around a Tale
2. Eyes So Tired
3. Where Dreams Collide
4. Absent Illusion
5. Another Paradigm

A Mended Rhyme

Album: ''A Mended Rhyme'' (1997)
1. Circuit Vision
2. But Angels Shine
3. A Mended Rhyme
4. The Trader of Souls
5. Time of No Sun
6. The Dragon Tide
7. Goddess of Chaos
8. The Vacant Lot
9. Guest of Inquisition


Album: ''Undead'' (2000)
1. Intro
2. Servant of the Bones
3. Another Time Around
4. Where the Sun Never Shines
5. Order of the Seven Poles
6. Undead
7. No Tears in the Rain
8. Intro / Lord on High
9. Corporate Masters
10. No Wings to Burn
11. The Dead and His Son


Album: ''Reflections'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Eternal Lies
2. Eyes of a Stranger
3. Voices Are Calling
4. Fading Pictures
5. Morning Sun
6. Narrow Minded
7. Stories Around a Tale
8. Where Dreams Collide
9. A Mended Rhyme
10. But Angels Shine
11. Trader of Souls
12. Power of the Night

Matters of the Dark

Album: ''Matters of the Dark'' (2002)
1. Sword of Retribution
2. Matters of the Dark
3. Ethereal Soul
4. I Know Your Name
5. In the Shadows
6. Another Way
7. New Clear Skies
8. Riding the Beast
9. Reason of the Ghost
10. The Devil's Finger
11. Don't Pray for Me

Modus Vivendi

Album: ''Modus Vivendi'' (2003)
1. Anubis
2. No Mercy
3. Afraid to Die
4. Clearly Insane
5. Cyberdome
6. Take on the World
7. Mother Shipton's Words
8. Unwelcome Guest
9. Life in a Lonely Grave
10. When the Spirit Rules the World

tad morose


Tad Morose is a Swedish heavy metal / power metal band formed in 1991 and led by guitarist Christer 'Krunt' Andersson. Their full-length debut was Leaving the Past Behind (1993), a minor hit that established the band within the continental Europe-heavy metal community. Sender of Thoughts (1994) was even more popular within the metal community. Their latest and most successful album to date is 2003's Modus Vivendi. Though the group has never caught on in America, they have a larger and growing European base.

In late 2005, Tad Morose surprisingly parted way with singer Urban Breed (who joined another band band called Bloodbound for some time). This delayed the recordings for their next album, which were set to begin in early 2006, because first a new singer had to be found. On March 9th 2006, Tad Morose could announce their new frontman - none less than American Metal legionnaire Joe Comeau, formerly of Liege Lord, Overkill and Annihilator. The band is working/recording a new album during 2006 with a possible release in 2007 sometime.

Current Band Members:

* Christer "Krunt" Andersson (Guitar)
* Joe Comeau (Vocals)
* Anders Modd (Bass)
* Peter Morén (Drums)
* Daniel Olsson (Guitar)

Former band members:

* Urban Breed - (Vocals) (1996-2005)
* Fredrik "Frippe" Eriksson - (Keyboards) (1993-1998)
* Kristian "Krille" Andrén - (Vocals) (1991-1995)
* Per-Ola "Rossi" Olsson - (Bass) (1991-1995)
* Dan-Erik "Danne" Eriksson - (Drums) (1991-1994)
* Anders "Wispen" Westlund - (Vocals) (1991-1992)


* Leaving the Past Behind (1993)
* Sender of Thoughts (1994)
* Paradigma (1995)
* A Mended Rhyme (1996)
* Reflections (2000, compilation album)
* Undead (2000)
* Matters of the Dark (2002)
* Modus Vivendi (2003)

Power Metal

Sweden (Bollnäs), formed in 1991

Century Media


Joe Comeau - Vocals (ex-Overkill (US), ex-Liege Lord, ex-Annihilator, Jack Frost (US), Painmuseum, Ramrod)
Christer "Krunt" Andersson (Sefer Jezirah) - Guitar
Daniel Olsson - Guitar
Anders Modd - Bass (Wolf (Swe))
Peter Morén - Drums (Steel Attack)

Urban Breed - Vocals (Bloodbound)
Kristian Andrén - Vocals (ex-Fifth Reason, ex-Meduza, ex-Memento Mori,ex-Wuthering Heights, ex-Bloodbound)
Fredrik Eriksson - Keyboards (Morifade)
Per Ola Olsson - Bass
Dan-Erik Eriksson - Drums


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