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Into Your Dreams

Album: ''Into Your Dreams'' (2002 Demo)
1. Deep Tears of Tragedy
2. Into Your Dreams
3. Black Roses

Glacial Night

Album: ''Glacial Night'' (2003 Demo)
1. Foes of the sun
2. Excursion into the gray
3. Pi (Vox arcanum)
4. Glacial night

Emoción muerte mini-cd

Album: ''Emoción muerte mini-cd'' (2004 Demo)
1. Belleza de oscuridad
2. Excursion into the gray
3. Dance of silence
4. Emoción muerte

The Legend Of Gévaudan

Album: ''The Legend Of Gévaudan'' (2004 Demo)
1. Overture: The Legend Of Gévaudan
2. Set Me Free (Quid Novi Ex Africa)
3. Lozere (The Land Of Shadows)
4. Hours Of Passion And Despair
5. An Open Heart
6. Equilibrium Of Unlife
7. Finale: The Consolidation

Beautiful Darkness

Album: ''Beautiful Darkness'' (2007)
1. Deep Tears of Tragedy
2. I Devour
3. Excursion
4. Black Roses
5. A Voice in the Dark
6. Foes ot the Sun
7. Phantasm
8. Born of the Ground
9. Bitter, Regressive
10. Beyond Silence
11. Beautiful Darkness
12. Into Your Dreams



Tacere is a new diverse melodic metal band hailing fom the capital area of Finland. The band combines elements from different metal subgenres and has both male and female vocals - both clean and raspy (and growls). Tacere signed a recording contract with Suomen metalli musiikki (a sublabel of KHY Suomen musiikki Oy) at the very end of 2005. In june 2006 they released first single "I Devour", which was followed with EP "A Voice in the dark". This EP was podponed and released with same name as minialbum (release date: 1. November 2006). And finally in february 2007 was released their first and debut album "Beautiful Darkness".

Progressive/Power Metal

Finland (Helsinki), formed in 2002

Suomen Metalli Musiikki


Karri Knuutila (aka Karri de Monét) - Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Helena Haaparanta - Female Vocals (Dewian)
Jarno "Jake" Vanhanen - Drums (ex-Embreach, Iron Sphere)
Janne Salminen - Synth
Pekka Pyrhönen - Live bass (Denigrate, Pahuuden Prototyyppi)
Seppo Nummela - Live guitar (Denigrate, Pahuuden Prototyyppi)

Esa Sokajärvi - Guitar
Pekka Jokinen - Bass


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