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Album: ''Crisis'' (2000)
1. Opening Act
2. To Decant Souls
3. Quest Of The Dolphin
4. Ephemeral Life Conductor
5. Self Mutation
6. Kahi Palyn
7. Acrid Nebula
8. Triton (The Light Guide)
9. The Obscure Periplus Of Thanos
10. Der Waltz Von Gehangen
11. The Epileptic Modern Artistic Non-Believer
12. Little Princess
13. Synthesis

The Fluid

Album: ''The Fluid'' (2000 EP)
1. To Decant Souls
2. The Quest of the Dolphin
3. Crusades Pt. 1 - Faith
4. Crusades Pt. 2 - Thibalt
5. Crusades Pt. 3 - Angels

Life Is a Phoenix

Album: ''Life Is a Phoenix'' (2002 EP)
1. The arrival
2. Truth
3. Peace

On the wings of Phoenix

Album: ''On the wings of Phoenix'' (2005)
1. The Arrival
2. Truth
3. The Venom
4. Dilemma
5. Seizure Of Power
6. War Phenomenon
7. Cupidity
8. Famine
9. Disease
10. Death Apogee
11. Peace
12. Little Princess
13. Princess Ending



Symbyosis is a progressive/technical death metal band from France. It was first intended to be a project named Chrysalid but in June 1998, with the arrival of Phil Quist on additional composition and Corrosive Bob on vocals, the composition becomes faster and a demo is ended up growing rich by new titles. At the end of a long year, it is finally a complete album which also gives way to the re-naming of the band as Symbyosis in June 1999. The album's name was "Crisis".

To make it sound better, the band calls some friends, as Oslanon Gerom on backing vocals, Karl on lead guitar and Cryopsis Entity on lyrics and backing vocals. In March, the single The quest of the dolphin appears on the Metallian magazine compilation. In July 2000 the band signs a contract with Listenable Records. In September, the miniLP The Fluid is out, followed by the full album Crisis in November 2000.

In 2005, with the same line-up, Symbyosis released their second masterpiece "On the wings of Phoenix", an album which is an out-of-ordinary example of technical death metal with its excellent compositional style and instrumentation.

the current line-up is;

Corrosive Bob - Vocals
Franck Kobolt - Guitars
Nikos Kevorkian - Guitars
Antoine Veidt - Bass
Tarik Zulficar - Drums

Progressive Death Metal

France (Paris), formed in 1998

Listenable Records


Corrosive Bob (Arnaud Chipouka) - Vocals (Catharsis (Fra)
Nikos Kevorkian - Guitar
Franck Kobolt - Guitar
Antoine Veidt - Bass
Tarik Zulficar - Drums (Korum, Decoherence)

Phil Quist - bass, composer
Karl - Guitars


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