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Creation of Mist

Album: ''Creation of Mist'' (2006)
1. No Resistance
2. Falling Angels' Ghosts
3. Anger Reborn
4. Eyes Open Wide
5. The Sons of Fear
6. Colours Fade Away
7. Betrayed Hope
8. Creation of Mist (outro)



1) Symbolic is a Polish thrash/groove metal band. Founded in 2005 by Niedzwiec, Kliki, Coniu and Power. Released two demos and a full length promo entitled - "Creation of Mist". Right now spending time on touring and writing the material for a a full length album.

2) Band formed in Tuzla (BiH) in summer of 1999 when old line up split up. Remaining members Mirza (Smajlovic) on guitar and Piper (Eldar Ibrahimovic) on drums asked Dejo (Slavuljica) to join on vocals. This was the fourth line up of Symbolic. Band began with composing and concerts when they were joined by another Mirza (Osmanovic) on bass guitar just few weeks after. Band played a mixture of older classic rock music and a neo-classical progressive music. In just few months time band had five songs and a demo recording. All songs were written by all band members together. Demo was recorded in home studio in Pipers' flat, where most of the rehearsing also took place.Each year band turned up with few new songs and did a gig. In July of 2001 band was joined by Jelenko (Bosnjakovic) on the bass guitar as Mirza showed more interest for other kinds of music.In 2003 band line up changed once again. Dejo was unable to continue working with band as he had to pursue his studies in Sarajevo. Quick solution for singer was Zlatko Josic who replaced Dejo and band was able to do two gigs after few weeks only (with Hard Time/ZG and Bavaria Fest 2003). Soon after for some personal reasons, Jelenko also left the band. This was not an easy replacement since there are not much good bass players in this area who love progressive music. Three months later, (cca. Nov. 2003) band was joined by Ado Osmanovic which was followed by number of gigs.At the end of 2004 Zlaja also left the bend as the demand for rehearsing and practicing increased. Band was joined by Gogo as a lead singer and Amna as a background singer in late 2004. From then onwards band worked on new songs. When total of 10 new songs was reached band decided to start with the recording of teir second full lenght studio meterial. Bend decided to purchase studio equipment from the money earned by playing gigs and to record studio meterial on their own. Recording began during summer of 2005 and was carried on thought early 2006. Band also played on numerous festivals through 2005, such as Soda open Air, Bosnian Metal Fest, Radio Mir Demo fest, and so on. During the recording session band split parts with background singer Amna.Symbolic finished with mixing and mastering of new album entitled "Dreamend". Album is expected to be released in February 2007,through Walk Records from BiH. Release will be followed by number of gigs, video clip and promotions.

3) Symbolic is a German Melodic Death Metal Band.
They were founded 2004 by Andreas Schiegl, Reinhold Trost und Bastian Löser.
After some time Philipp Schindler and Alex Staudt came to them.
They have released their first album.

Death/Thrash/Groove Metal

Poland (Piotrków Trybunalski), formed in 2005

DIY Records


NiedŸwieæ - lead vocals / guitar
Kliki - guitar, backing vocals
Coniu - bass
Power - drums


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