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Strains of Souls

Album: ''Strains of Souls'' (2003 Demo)
1. Lovetred
2. Strains of Souls
3. Waiting for a New Day

Depths of Illusions

Album: ''Depths of Illusions'' (2005 EP)
1. As Heaven Blessed A Dying Rose
2. Escape From Reality
3. Depths Of Illusions
4. Seduction
5. Desire

sylver myst


Sylver Myst, formed in 2001, is comprised of six talented members, each of which pulls their inspiration from many different musical genres and backgrounds. Their style has been described as melodic rock, progressive soprano metal, and symphonic goth-metal, although their music contains all of these musical elements and much, much more.

Both Sylver Myst’s guitarists started playing the guitar when they were sixteen years old. Lead guitarist Didier was inspired by bands like Metallica, Guns’n’Roses and Pink Floyd and played in a death metal cover band and a grunge band before he joined Sylver Myst.

Guitarist Rob van Dijk also flirted with a lot of different musical styles. He listens to bands like Kiss, Frank Boeijen Groep and Nightwish, and played in a doom-death metal band and a black power metal band before he formed Sylver Myst.

Keyboardist Martijn in ‘t Veld took up playing the organ when he was nine years old. After a few years he replaced his organ for a simple keyboard and started playing in several bands in styles differing from progressive metal to black and death metal. During the years his skills as a keyboardist and a composer grew and along with it his instrument evolved into the Korg Karma he uses now.

Marjolein Hüsken started singing when she was ten years old and started playing the flute at age eleven. At age seventeen she took up classical singing lessons. She joined several pop and classical choirs and played the first flute in Ananta, Tilburg’s Student Symphony Orchestra. Marjolein owns more classic than pop CD’s, but most of all she loves the combination of classic and pop music.

Drummer Marc Jaspers and bass player Marco Brugmans both started their musical career when they were about twenty years old. Before he joined Sylver Myst, Marc drummed in a metal-rock band called Rancour. With this band he shared the stage with famous Dutch groups like Di-rect and Kane.

On his first bass guitar, Marco practiced songs of bands like The Cure and Mucky Pup. After a few years he joined the rock band Sure it’s Neal. After his first experience on stage he was addicted forever to playing live.

All Sylver Myst members thoroughly enjoy performing at live events, and they have quickly and effortlessly built a respectable “live” reputation and following. In January 2005 Sylver Myst started a close collaboration with the Female Fronted Gothic Bands agency, which gave a large impulse to the amount of live events. In it’s short existence the band has performed with several of the “heavy hitters” in the Femme-Metal genre. Some of the internationally famous bands, which have shared the stage with Sylver Myst, include After Forever and Leave’s Eyes.

A national Dutch radio show described the band as “a live band that manages to masterfully combine the grasping power of heavy metal-riffs with broad arrangements, and all this without succumbing to frivolous and self-defiling solo play”. Also the jury of the Stoepslag band contest was so impressed with Sylver Myst that they won the contest in the spring of 2005.

After two demo CD’s and a mini CD that were released on an independent basis, Sylver Myst began looking for a label to represent them. Therefore, in January 2006 Sylver Myst signed a deal with the new American label Sirenette Music Industries. The band immediately entered the studio to record their first full-length album. The album was recorded at Excess Studios in Rotterdam, and was produced by the well-known and respected Hans Pieters.

The resulting album is called Emotions Revealed and includes thirteen songs, each representing important moments in a person’s lifetime. Life’s emotional moments like falling in love, getting divorced, or losing someone you love, are all expertly expressed in these tunes. The CD features a mature band that is not afraid to reveal it all, from ballads and progressive riffs, to acoustic solos and choruses.

Welcome to Sylver Myst’s world.

Symphonic Gothic Metal

Netherlands (Helmond), formed in 2001

Sirenette Music


Marco Brugmans - Bass
Didier Roumen - Guitar
Rob van Dijk - Guitar
Marc Jaspers - Drums
Marjolein Hüsken - Vocals
Martijn in't Veld - Keyboards

Anieke Viveen - Vocals
Bart Spackler - Keyboards
Ronald van de Rijt - Bass


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