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Breaking The Silence

Album: ''Breaking The Silence'' (1998)
1. The Beginning
2. The Solitary Reaper
3. A Red, Red Rose
4. The Sleeping Beauty
5. Commands
6. Remembrance
7. When We Two Parted
8. She Walks In Beauty
9. Clarinda, Mistress Of My Soul
10. Tears, Idle Tears
11. The Lost Love
12. The End Of The Beginning

On Life And Death

Album: ''On Life And Death'' (2001)
1. Vison
2. Ko Bom Mrtev
3. On The Death Of Anne Bronte
4. Ob Polni Luni
5. A Cradle Song
6. Ask Me No More
7. The Night Is Darkening Round Me
8. Requiescat
9. Vrt Ljubezni
10. I Heard An Angel
11. In Beechwood Cemetery
12. Sanjam
13. Midnight
14. Out Of Danger

Album: ''Demo'' (2005 Demo)
1. Blood Brothers
2. Einherjar
3. Enlightenment
4. Northland
5. Vertigo


Album: ''Northland'' (2006 EP)
1. Blood Brothers
2. Einherjar
3. Enlightenment
4. Northland
5. Vertigo
6. Angel in White
7. Evil In
8. Life
9. Time for Dying


[There is also a Kpop group called Sweet Sorrow.]
For the story about the band before this time take a peek at the history section of this page. In the end of 2002 after Sebastijan, Ziga and Ales left the band Pero and Us searched for new members. Firt recruted member was a fenomenal drummer Peter Gale and just few weeks later came a singer from Nova Gorica Valentin Bufolin.
Only a month after the member replacements took place the band embarked on a Slovenian tour called Slovenian Sudden Strike tour.
In October 2003 the line up was filled with the second guitarist Sims.
In April 2004 the band entered the studio to record their third album with 15 songs prepared. Few months later the recording was finally done and they started to search for the mixing studio.
In that time Sims announced that he will cease all the musical participation due to lack of time and other goals in life, for which the band wishes him all the best.
Only a couple of weeks later Sweet Sorrow found a session guitarist Jey who is originaly a guitar player for a great Slovenian thrash band Negligence.
In November 2004 the line up was finalized with the addition of second guitarist Rok Marolt (ex-Magus Noctum, Chernozyom,...).
After few concerts with Marolt, he realized that the studies and working take too much of his time, to be so commited to the band as the rest of us. He surprised us with the sad news, but was completely profesional about it, and he played all the concerts that were already scheduled. He also volunteered to teach our new guitarst all the songs, for the transition to be as painless as possible.
Few months later in March we got a candidate named Blaz Kavcic who showed enough enthusiasm and skill for us to take him to our full-time line-up. Just one month after his joining with us, we hit the first gig to present him to the fans. He endured the work in Sweet Sorrow for few months and left the band in October 2005.
Only after a month the guys were joined by the new guitarist Jernej Vrecar - Joco and he actually fitted in perfectly with the fastest learning of the songs and adding his own style in the music.

Melodic Death/Heavy Metal

human state of minds, norse mythology

Slovenia (Ljubljana), formed in 1996



Aljosa Us - Bass
Peter ''Pero'' Caric - Guitars (ex-Helpless, ex-Scaffold (Svn))
Jernej ''Joco'' Vreèar - Guitars
Peter ''Rope'' Gale - Drums (ex-Sansimila)

Valentin Bufolin - Vocals
Nejc ''Kuzo'' Kuzmic - Vocals
Rok Marolt - Guitars (Broken Arrow, ex-Magus Noctum, Chernozyom, Musica Ex Machina, Ascension, Death Wing)
Ziga Hodnik - Guitars (ex-Helpless)
Ursa Kavsek - Vocals
Uros Kejzar - Guitars
Sebastijan Pregel - Vocals
Mitja Radic - Drums (ex-Weeping Willow (Svn))
Ales Berlot - Drums
Simon Dudnjik - Guitars (ex-Ground Zero (Svn))
Jey Master - Guitars (Negligence, ex-Crossbreed)


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