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The True Legend

Album: ''The True Legend'' (1998)
1. Goatthrone
2. The True Legend
3. Tearing Your Soul
4. The Snake in the Garden of Eden
5. In the Ghoul-Haunted Forest Where the Winter Was Eternal
6. Under the Devil's Moon
7. A Cursed Blaze From the Castle
8. The Shadows Is Painting My Eyes

Destruction of Man

Album: ''Destruction of Man'' (2003)
1. Archdemon of Binah
2. Children of Plague
3. Demons Walking on Earth
4. Towards Chaos
5. Devil's Image
6. Enemies From Beyond
7. Destruction of Man

Kaos Svarta Mar/Skinning the Lambs

Album: ''Kaos Svarta Mar/Skinning the Lambs'' (2004 Split)
1. Hæxhamar
2. Eldkniver
3. Ættergap
4. Frana (Anti-Cosmic version)
5. Spitælsker
6. A Night Created by the Shadows
7. Furnace in Purgatory
8. Skinning the Lambs
9. Blåkullaförbannelsen



SVARTSYN, a cult name in the underground of the Black Metal music. The idea of the band started under the banner of evil as CHALICE back in 1991 with Ornias on guitar and Tormentor on drums and vocals. But Tormentor left all evil of Black Metal at Spring 1993. After a Split-demo with Draugen’s ILLSKA, Chalice changed the name to SVARTSYN. Surth joined the band in 1994. So, a 9 tracks recording was made in February/March 1995. Of these songs, 5 tracks were released as the “A Night Created By The Shadows” Demo. The other 4 tracks remains unreleased. In 1996 Draugen joined the band after leave the DARK FUNERAL. In 1996 SVARTSYN signed to Folter Records and released the “The True Legend” CD. The biggest mistake in SVARTSYN’s history. In May of the following year, 1997, a tour of 9 dates in Holland and Germany with Behemoth and Desaster was made. After the tour Surth was replaced by Kolgrim. In June 1997 SVARTSYN re-recorded the “Tormentor” 7"EP. In September 1997 and October 1998 SVARTSYN recorded their second album entitled “Bloodline” which up to date is unreleased, but it will be released as a limited Double-LP by End All Life Productions in December 2000. During the time of December 1999 and February 2000 SVARTSYN record their third album “...His Majesty” at Voisin Studios in the Sweden and signed to Sound Riot. This album was mastered and edited by Jacob Hansen at Aabenraa Studios (Without Grief, Thorium, Breaking Silence) and brings diabolic paintings done by Gustave Doré on the front-cover and booklet. The line-up on this album are: Ornias (Stringwork & medium), Draugen (Torture and Mayhem) and Kolgrim (Doomstring). After that, Kolgrim was replaced by Mörk. SVARTSYN invokes cursed Black Metal.

Black Metal

Satanism, Death

Sweden (Nynäshamn), formed in 1993

Sound Riot Records


Ornias - Bass, Guitar, Vocals (Chalice)
Draugen - Drums (ex-Dark Funeral, Illska, Incursion)

Surth - Guitar (Satans Vind, ex-Unpure (Swe))
Kolgrim - Guitar (Illska, Unpure (Swe), Incursion)
Mörk (Whorth) - Bass (Malign, session for Watain)


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