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Kom i Min Kittel

Album: ''Kom i Min Kittel'' (2007)
1. Häxby
2. Kom I Min Kittel
3. Skogens Ursinne
4. Om Trollbryggning
5. Solnedgång Över Träsk
6. Flykt Över Sömnigt Land
7. Skada Över Er!!
8. Moder Av Alla Häxor
9. Julen Av Vedergällning
10. Stjärnfull Natt



Born in Autumn 2004, Svartby has made a break-out in the Russian metal scene. After half-a-year of its existence Svartby recorded a demo of 5 songs 3 of which are presented here. In June 2005 Svartby started playing at the shows and has got at present 5 gigs in its history, two of them with the stars of the world folk-metal scene Cruachan(IRE) and Ensiferum (FIN). At present Svartby is recording a debuting album Kom I Min Kittel (Come into My Cauldron), that will be issued by the end of the year. Each song is a little black-humor story about witches. We consider Svartby (in Swedish - "black village") a village, where small, mean and merry creatures dwell - dwarfs, goblins, witches... anything alike. About lyrics: Kom I Min Kittel (track 1) - a witch is brewing some nasty soup, talking to a wanderer that occasionally got into her hut. She suggests him to have some beer and sit near the fireplace. But he doesn't suspect that he's supposed to become the second course... Skogens Ursinne (track 2) - Rage of Woods. Witches wake bears and wolves and guide them across human villages. They steal babies while beasts finish up with hunters and woodchoppers. Moder Av Alla Häxor (track 5) - Mother of All Witches. Slow, ballad-like, very beautiful song that touches the girls' hearts :) Just a hymn to the oldest hag in the forest that can influence elements and talk to the beasts.. more tracks from demo are available at : Skada Över Er! (Jinx Over You!) - the most black-metal song of all our sonmgs, with a nice witch waltz intermission. About how woodchopper cut his daughters to pieces (suddenly thought they were trolls) and a hunter lost himself in the forest he knew better than his house.. The reason? Jinx from some creature that got mad from their attitude to the nature.. Flykt Över Sömnigt Land (Flight Over Sleepy Land) - I think, it's clear. Some handfulls of petilsence and plague upon cattle barns and corn fields from the height of broomstick rushing through the wild wind.

Folk Metal

Magic Creatures

Russia (Saint Petersburg), formed in 2004

Phono Records


Giftsvamp - Keys, Lyrics
Hök - Guitars
Somna - Drums
Lindwurm - Guitars
Torhall - Vocals, Bass

Hemskalf - Guitars, Clean Vocals


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