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Baxas Xebesheth 1883

Album: ''Baxas Xebesheth 1883'' (2003)
1. Baxas Xebesheth
2. Welkes Schwarz
3. Breathing Kathaarian Dust
4. Sa Lebedi i Vrani
5. Am Nebelhain...
6. Pro Sledite na Skrezha
7. Thracia In Dusk
8. Die hamische Pein
9. Potoceta Nemirni T
10. Potoceta Nemirni U
11. Potoceta Nemirni V
12. Winterzorn
13. Nocturnal Passion
14. Tyzhen Dyzhd
15. The True Balkan Spirit

Lady Vitosha

Album: ''Lady Vitosha'' (2004)
1. Grohnal Pod Edin Dub
2. Siromashkite Izvori
3. Ovchari na Bezbogg
4. Nebeto Staro Tiho Pada
5. Kum Vihur v Slamenata Gorica
6. Chernomorski, Zaginali Mechti
7. Mugla Po Balkana
8. Kruchmata na Murtvija Chorbadzhija



Svarrogh - that's the name of the ancient slavian god of the domestic fires and the sun - is the soloproject of Dimo Dimov (who is also playing drums in Hatred Divine), a Bulgarian living in Germany who has founded Svarrogh in the summer of 2001.

Since October 2001 until Juni 2002 there have been recorded 4 rehearsal demos, Svarrogh Demo 2001, Skryb, Potoceta Nemirni and Slavonic Tears and several unreleased Songs. The Slavonic Tears Promo got some positive reviews in several German magazines. In the autumn of 2002 the recording sessions of 15 songs for the first full-lenght promo album Baxas Xebesheth 1883 started, so finally it could be released in the beginning of the year 2003 under the banner of Dimos small underground-distribution "Xebesheth Distro".

In July 2003 a split-CDR was released with the Lithuanian band Ravenclaw (now Folkearth) on Atlantida Productions. AMF Production from Bulgaria also distributed Svarrogh in Bulgaria. The next release was a split MC with Viszeral (German old school Black Metal feat. Dimo on guitars). Dimo is responsible for the whole songwriting as well as for the instrumental performance. You can say, that the song arrangements of Baxas Xebesheth 1883 are a new construction of all music arrangements of all old Demos. However, this is the first official Release of Svarrogh. The first Live gig of Svarrogh was played at a small festival in Rosenheim in the first months of 2004 (Truemmernacht Metalfest) with Burden of Grief and Equilibrium.

After this very successful gig the next Album Lady Vitosha could be recorded and was firstly selfreleased in March 2004. In the late summer of 2004, Medusa Productions from Germany has released Lady Vitosha with 500 copies. Khaosmaster Rec. also has released this album under license with 500 copies in the USA and South America. Legatus Records from Switzerland has also taken the album under license...even in Japan where Svarrogh is released by Sabbathid Records in limited edition to 200 copies for Japanese market.
In winter 2004 a split CD came out with the austrian ambient legend Uruk Hai and Rubixx Project (Experimental music from bassist of Hatred Divine) and two new neofolk tracks which were also released on the Bulgarian Art EP in Winter 2004, including 3 ritual neofolk songs, limited to 200 copies.

In 2005 the next full-length album called Kukeri was recorded. The german label Heavy Horses Records releases the album in April 2006, limited to 1000 copies and a special limited edition of 100 copies with special artwork. There are all 3 tracks of the Bulgarian Art EP and 6 brand new Folk Metal songs with a lot of ritual, neofolk parts mixed with furious and raw Black/Pagan/Death/Doom Metal. Also a new work was recorded, but unreleased yet. A true neofolk manifest, very avantgarde ambient and soundscapes. The famous writer Elin Pelin appears here on a sample. The lyrics are dark folklore, traditional folklore, bulgarian poems (especially those from the 19th century), mithology (slavian, bulgarian), tangra spiritualism, ritual shamanism and pagan/historical topics. Since Lady Vitosha LP, all lyrics are written in bulgarian language. It is impossible to translate them to preserve their archaic beauty. Instruments: E-Guitar, Bass, Acc.Guitar, 8 string-Tamboura, Mandoline, Bells, Djembe, Didgeridoo, Maracas & diverse percussion, Programming & Sampling, Synth & Piano, Kaval-flute (Shepherd pipe), Kaba Gaida (Bagpipe), Tupan (Bassdrum).

Folk/Black Metal

Bulgarian Folklore etc..

Bulgaria (Now in Rosenheim, Germany), formed in 2001

Heavy Horses Records


Knjazz Dimo Dimov - All Instruments/Vocals (Viszeral, Hatred Divine, Argus, ex-Grom'Otoric)

Live/Session Musicians:

Lord Arioch (Michael Zech) - Guitar (Odem Arcarum, ex-Sael, Abztract Fortune, Reign of Decay)
Gabor Radic - Bass (ex-Ascendancy (Ger), Maestitia, Black Sun Rising)
Morgoth - Guitars (Argus)
Drynwhyl - Female Vocals
Andreas Kaltner - Drums, Vocals
Michael Mende - Bass (Grom'Otoric)

Jan v. Berlekom - Session Guitars (WaldgeflEter, Scarcross)
Marco Richter - Live Drums (Scarcross)


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