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sursum corda

Album: ''sursum corda'' (1999 Demo)
1. Llanto y Condena
2. Entre el sueño y la Ilusion


Sursum Corda is born in October of 1997, initially aligned by Octavio Sanchez in bateria, Juan Carlos Grosso in the guitar and Jorge Luis Herrán in the voice; in the beginning with the single sound of a guitar, the battery and the voice, the band was dedicated to interpret covers of representative bands of the metal like Slayer, Sodom, Ancient Rites, Iron Maiden among others, making in the 98 January of the first concert in company of the band Gore Insanity, after this, the band had receso due to the military benefit on watch of the vocal. During that long military year on watch of Luis the other two members continued working in the development of new subjects, which were adapted in October of 1998 in company of two new members: Andrés Herrera (bass) and Camilo Bonilla (rythmical guitarist). With them the members of the band were added to five and it was continued working in the development of new much more compact subjects that the previous ones, giving him to an own sound of death metal, taking influences from bands like Morgoth, Death, Morbid Angel, among others. Approximately for the month of June of 1999 Camilo it decides to retire of the band with the purpose of dedicating itself to other musical currents, makes then the decision to work with a single guitar. With the four members (Juan Carlos, Octavio, Luis and Andrés) continuous being made concerts until the opportunity appears to enter studies between July and August of the 2000 to record first promo tape that contains two subjects which they took to promote the band. Promo was recorded in the studies of Native by engineer Alberto Acuña. Later one retires of the band Andrés Herrera in October of the 2000 and enters a new rythmical guitarist, Danilo Rodriguez; with the band it continued working during several months and concerts with the absence of the low one were still made obtaining surprise an unexpected acceptance of I publish, because it thought that the sound without the low one was going to cause you criticize refusals. After a time, Danilo takes root in France and this way it is decided to work with the founding trio during several months without being wanted to contract more musicians, until Horseman enters in November of the 2001 Juan Manuel to make the second guitar and later after 2 years without is add Nelson Diaz to interpret it from April of the 2002. This way until today we continued working with great force in the development of our music. At the moment the band counts on promo in tape that contienme 2 of his first subjects, is in one of but important compilations of country titled "From Colombia With Hate II", made by sylphorium records along with other 16 bands of pais, this to the delay of the "Surdic Holocaust" compilation made by the Web zine "Surdic Metal" in which they are included subjects of different bands around Suramerica between which there are two Colombian representations among them Sursum Corda, it counts on several different publications in zines and Web zines, and it is in process of the recording of his first professional work which it hopes is leaving to the market at the end of the 2004.

Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Genre: Rock & Pop » Death Metal/Black Metal
Similar Artists: Slayer, Ancient Rites, Iron Maiden

Death metal

violence and death

Colombia (Bogota), formed in 1997



Luis Jorge Herran - vocals
Juan Carlos Grosso - lead guitar
Juan Manuel Caballero - guitar
Octavio Sanchez - drums
Nelson Diaz - bass

Camilo Bonilla - guitar
Danilo - guitar
Andres Herrera - bass


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