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In Diebus Illis

Album: ''In Diebus Illis'' (1999 Demo)
1. Prelude
2. Shadows
3. Unknown God
4. Children
5. Hero
6. Father's Garden
7. Willows & Oaks
8. Lost In A Dream

Lost Time

Album: ''Lost Time'' (2002)
1. Fields Of Pain
2. Lost Time
3. To A Friend
4. Out Of The Dark (Falco Cover)
5. Symbiose
6. Metamorphose
7. Silent Observer
8. Living Death
9. Thank You

Graceful Tunes

Album: ''Graceful Tunes'' (2005)
1. Confusion
2. Graceful Tunes
3. Hidden
4. Spirit of the Light
5. Somewhere
6. Quid Est Libertas?
7. Veil Of Darkness
8. Charon's Pond



The meaning of SUNTERRA is the gathering of fire and earth.
The relation between the sun and our home planet.
The unity of light and life ...
... light coming from the sun and life from our all mother, earth.

SUNTERRA's music follows these relations:

Agressiveness and melody, despair and hope are not opposing but melt each other to form a symbiosis.
In 1994 Mick answered an announcement, an announcement Chris&Elmar put in the newspapers.
Friedl joined the band soon after the same way. That time they called themselves "Virgin Seed" and performed psychedelic rock.
With Hammond sound, Leslie speakers and all fitting that genre - though with little success.

1998 they thought over their style and sound of music - even they were no longer satisfied with it. They gave a shot to harder sounds, especially the keyboard with a heavy emphasis on atmosphere. After several rehearsals they decided that Lilly was the ideal female vocal part they looked for. Afterwards, Christian G. joined the band to form the male vocal counterpart to Lilly's voice.
Carlos joined SUNTERRA in 2000 which again brought an enormous rise in the overall sound and also in particular on stage. Since then the flute is a fix part of the sound as well.

The name SUNTERRA is a game of words forming from both the elements fire and earth and all the godness which embodies those - and foremost this our only home planet earth.
In the meantime SUNTERRA after their 1. output "in diebus illis" and many a concert in Austria and the surrounding easterly neighbouring countries can be proud on a community of fans and SUNTERRA's fix place in the underground scene. On stage the musicians else calm evolve to be real sources of engergy. Their shows give that athmosphere and mood that can shake any else dead item any day. It is only logical that some concert managers got their attention and playing support for bands like "The Gathering", "Tanzwut", "Subway to Sally" or "Theatre of Tragedy" followed.

Their songs spread a mood of melancolic feelings, despair, hope and agressivness, melody and dynamics. After their 1. CD "in diebus illis" got a lot of attention in the musicpress and a lot of magazines, their successing CD "Lost Time" will sure be liked by their fans.

The last output "graceful tunes" has been released on April 2005. Currently the band works hard on their next CD. What will it bring? They won't tell us, maybe because they don't know themselves what direction it will evolve. Fact remains it will be not far away from the preceeding albums.

So stay sharp...


Gothic Metal

Love, Depression, Hate

Austria (Vienna), formed in 1994



Carlos [Karl Heinz Krug] : vocals
Lilly [Libuscha Hruska] : vocals
Edga [Elmar Schoen] : keyboards
Friedl [Friedrich Schuetz] : guitars
Chris [Christian Schoen] : bass
Mick [Martin Mayer] : drums

Christian G. : vocals


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