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Dead Animal - Live in Australia Chaos Tour

Album: ''Dead Animal - Live in Australia Chaos Tour'' (2003 Live album)
1. Succession of Truth
2. Zombie
3. Recharged
4. Horse of Iron
5. Kerberos
6. Death Mosh Highway
7. 4735 Days Like Hell
8. Raining Blood (Slayer Cover)
9. Unbound
10. Kerberos
11. 4735 Days Like Hell
12. Horse of Iron

suns owl


SAB (Guitar) met GO (Drums) and formed the first band in 1994.When MZM (Vocals) joined them, they changed the band name to "SUNS OWL" and started to perform constanly. Ex bassist SHIGE joined the band again in 1996.They got to know GMF through COKEHEAD HIPSTARS and got a chance to release the 1st album "SCREAMING THE FIVE SENSES" in August 1998.It's filled with heavy groove of Power Metal and the edgy guitar sound.

Although they showed up on the stage without notice and performed at the last live of GMF at ON AIR EAST(over 1,200 audience) in March 1998, the audience got impressed by their powerful performance.They released the single "OVER" and did a nationwide tour in Sep. 1999.Satoo (former basist of "LEAF") joined the band in May 2000 and it became the strongest unit."Searching for modern heaviness", "Constant energetic live activities", "Member change".. It took a long time to achieve this goal but it worth it."Extra Heavy", "Outrageous Excitement", "Speed of Sound" ! Every essence of LOUD MUSIC is collected here.The super masterpiece "RECHARGED" released!

Opening acts for MAD BALL, V.O.D, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, MERAUNDER, SNAPCASE, VADER were great experience for them to develop their own sound.They participated in the 1st tremendously loud sound festival in Japan called "BEAST FEAST(over 30,000 audience by 2days)" and got the great reputation. They have done the interviews with the world famous SLAYER and SEPULTURA on music magazines.They qualified in the trial heats of "BEAT FEAST 2002(over 30,000 audience by 2days)" vote, and joined "WAY OF BEAST FEAST 2002". They got No.1 prize of the audience poll and made it sure to play in "BEAST FEAST 2002".

After many tours in Japan, participation in omnibus projects, and releasing original works, they decided to expand their activity overseas. "RECHARGED" was released in Australia as the 1st overseas album of SUNS OWL, which includes the bonus tracks "DEATH MOSH HIGHWAY" from "SCREAMING THE FIVE SENSES" and "ZOMBIE" from "OVER". Many street papers and the well known metal magazine "Kerrang" shows the review and the biggest radio station "JJJ" played it favorably.After releasing "RECHARGED", SUNS OWL did successful tour (8 cities, 11 concerts). Most of the venues were sold out and they got great applause.

After Australia tour, SUNS OWL was preparing the 3rd album and therefore they reduced gigs.They performed only 4 songs at BEAST FEAST but showed their outstanding presence and proved why they got the 1st prize of audience poll.Around BEAST FEAST 2002, SATOO(Ba) started feeling ill and seeing a doctor, but he didn't get well as quickly as they thought. In that circumstances SUNS OWL including SATOO played their best for the students of music school called MI JAPAN(school of ESP).Satoo's slight fever continued even after his taking rest and he checked thoroughly himself in a big hospital and found out he had to be hospitalized. SUNS OWL cancelled their gigs and explained the situation to the audience that they would like to wait SATOO's recovery instead of using substitute.SATOO was trying his best to get well and play with the guys in front of the fans who kept their hope "SATOO, COMEBACK ON STAGE".

Although many fans' wish his comeback, after struggling with serious illness for a year and a month he passed away on Feb. 24, 2004.August 12, 2004, SATOO tribute event called "LAST OF SATOO THE EARTH" was held. 11 bands that were close to him, got together and played in front of over 1,000 people. After 1 year and 8 month of no performance, at last SUNS OWL appeared in front of the audience. They played their best ever and caught the audience heart.As for the go of a drum, the lecturer etc. is working energetically in the session with side AKIRA TAKASAKI(as know as guitar plyer of LOUDNESS) of band activity, or music school called MI JAPAN.

They will be active again from Nov. 2004 and will start producing a new album this spring. You can't miss this one of the greatest band SUNS OWL, which has actually kept 100 gigs every year.

Death/Modern Thrash Metal

Japan (Tokyo), formed in 1994



MZM - vocals
Sab - guitars
Hayase - keyboards / samples
Bitch - bass (Jeronimo, Undown)
Go - drums

Satoo - bass
Momo - bass


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