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Lupine Essence

Album: ''Lupine Essence'' (1997)
1. Banshee
2. Dragon Tribe
3. Heresy
4. Sheltering Dreams
5. Havoc
6. Warpipes Call Me
7. ...and a Minstrel Left the Mourning Valley
8. Internal Epidemic

Auld Lang Syne

Album: ''Auld Lang Syne'' (1998)
1. Auld Lang Syne
2. Hall of Tales
3. A Menhirs Clay
4. And Another Cist Looms
5. An Dúdlachd
6. Tuatha Dé Danaan
7. Jeremiad
8. The Fall of Tarra
9. Enticing Slumber
10. Calm...

Lays From Afar

Album: ''Lays From Afar'' (1999)
1. A Darksome Path
2. Chants of Lethe
3. The Well of Might
4. The Hidden Quest
5. Morrigan
6. Peregrin
7. Wasted Lands
8. Strayed in Nowhere
9. Airne
10. Lays from Afar
11. Foggy Dew

The Arcanum

Album: ''The Arcanum'' (2000)
1. Wartunes
2. To Rest in Silence
3. Dragonbreed
4. Rise of Taliesin
5. Last Fortress
6. Gates of Nevermore
7. Serenade to a Dream
8. The Arcane Spell
9. The One Piece Puzzle (Skyclad cover)

Emprise To Avalon

Album: ''Emprise To Avalon'' (2002)
1. Darkane Times
2. Dinas Emrys
3. Pendragons Fall
4. The Highking
5. The Spoils of Annwn
6. The Quest
7. And the Giants Dance...
8. Song of the Graves
9. Still the Pipes Are Calling

Signs For the Fallen

Album: ''Signs For the Fallen'' (2003)
1. Revenant
2. Crown the Lost
3. Threnody
4. Trails of Gore
5. The Ember Died
6. When Eternity Echoes
7. Signs for the Fallen
8. Dimorphic
9. Bound in Changes
10. A Vision's Demise

Command to Charge

Album: ''Command to Charge'' (2005)
1. Decibel Dance
2. C14 Measured by Infinity
3. Haughs of Cromdale
4. The Alliance
5. A Runic Rhyme (acoustic)
6. Second Skin
7. Reap the Storm
8. Gathered in Fear (acoustic)
9. Strange Perfection
10. Dead Man's Reel (instrumental)
11. The End Beyond Me


Album: ''Caledonia'' (2006)
1. Highland Hills
2. A Blackened Shield
3. The Ember Deid (Part II)
4. Evoke the Demon
5. Forth-Clyde
6. Ramble
7. Dawning Tempest
8. The Distant Call
9. On Torrid Sand
10. The IXth Legion
11. Farewell



SuidAkrA is a melodic death/folk metal band from Germany. There is a very prominent Gothenburg metal sound to their music.

SuidAkrA's very beginnings lie back in the year of 1994 when drummer Stefan Möller and vocalist/guitarist Arkadius Antonik founded their band to express their musical ideas. In those years they called themselves Gloryfication and it took two demos and considerable line up problems before the perfect candidates were found. These new members included Daniela Voigt on keyboards and female vocals, Marcel Schoenen on guitars and vocals, and Christoph Zacharowski on bass guitar. The band's name was subsequently changed to SuidAkrA.

Their musical base and background was a stylistic mixture of black metal and traditional heavy metal enriched by some folk elements, choirs, and medieval melodies. The self-produced record "Lupine Essence" was the first considerable result of the young band's work. It was published in 1997 and inspired even fans with different musical tastes in considering metal music.

The record label Last Episode showed great enthusiasm towards the band and their music and offered a deal to the five musicians who were then signed without too great a hesitation. 2000 pieces were sold and SuidAkrA had become well known in the underground.

After gathering enough material for a second album, "Auld Lang Syne" was recorded at Jam Studios (Primal fear e.g.) in 1998. This album was a lyrical concept aroused from the ideas of Celtic mythology. Fans and the press showed immense positive reactions for the band's innovative music.

After "Auld Lang Syne" was published, bassist Christoph Zacharowski was replaced by Nils Broß, who then brought new ideas and styles into the band. Live gigs were played at the Last Episode Festival in Leipzig and a number of shows in and out of Germany supporting Haggard and Tristania. At this time, the high peak of SuidAkrA's career was playing the Wacken Open Air Festival in 1998. Despite performing on stage at a relatively early hour of the day, folks were nonetheless convinced and impressed by the professional set that SuidAkrA had played.

Current line-up
Arkadius Antonik - Guitars/Harsh vocals
Marcel Schoenen - Guitars/Clean vocals
Marcus Riewaldt - Bass
Lars Wehner - Drums

Dawn (1995)
Lupine Essence (1997)
Auld Lang Syne (1998)
Lays From Afar (1999)
The Arcanum (2000)
Emprise To Avalon (2002)
Signs For The Fallen (2003)
Command To Charge (2005)
Caledonia (2006)

Melodic Black / Death Metal with folk/medieval influences

Celtic mythology, fantasy

Germany (Düsseldorf), formed in 1994

Armageddon Music


Arkadius Antonik - Guitars & Harsh vocals
Marcel Schoenen - Guitars & Clean vocals
Marcus Riewaldt - Bass (ex-Autumn Nostrum, Deathtruction)
Lars Wehner - Drums (ex-Autumn Nostrum)

Daniela Voigt - Keyboards, vocals (1994 - 2000)
Christoph Zacharowski - Bass (1994 - 1998)
Nills Bross - Bass
F.T. - Bass (The Arcanum)
Germano Sanna - Guitar (live) (Elm's fire)
Sky - Guitar (live)
Stephan Möller - Drums, backing vocals
Matthias Kupka - Guitars/Vocals (Still it Cries)


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