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Walpurgis Night

Album: ''Walpurgis Night'' (1984)
1. Cave of Steenfoll
2. Priest of Evil
3. Skull and Crossbones
4. Werewolves on the Hunt
5. Walpurgis Night
6. Flour in the Wind
7. Warlord
8. Excalibur
9. Thunderland

Tales of Terror

Album: ''Tales of Terror'' (1985)
1. Point of No Return
2. Hell's Still Alive
3. Masque of the Red Death
4. Arabian Nights
5. Sword of Sagon
6. Trust in the Fire
7. Night Stalker
8. Lost Legions
9. When the Bat Bites

Stronger Than Heaven

Album: ''Stronger Than Heaven'' (1986)
1. Rats In The Attic
2. Eternia
3. Jonathan's Diary
4. Slave To Moonlight
5. Stronger Than Heaven
6. Ravenlord
7. Allies Of The Dark
8. Dorian Gray

The Beauty And The Beast

Album: ''The Beauty And The Beast'' (1987)
1. Call Of The Wicked
2. Just For One Night
3. The Beauty And The Beast
4. Emerald Eye
5. Tears By The Firelight
6. Tigers Of The Sea
7. Russia's On Fire
8. Cheyenne (Where The Eagles Retreat)
9. Welcome To Bedlam

Eye Of The Storm

Album: ''Eye Of The Storm'' (1989)
1. Eye Of The Storm
2. Tarred And Feathered
3. Heart Of Ice
4. Rondo a la Turca
5. I Want You Around
6. King In The Ring
7. Paradise
8. Take Me Home
9. Steel In The Red Light
10. Another World Apart

Live in Budapest

Album: ''Live in Budapest'' (1989 Live album)
1. Intro
2. Call of the Wicked
3. Emerald Eye
4. Stronger Than Heaven
5. Tigers of the Sea
6. Dorian Gray
7. Guitar Solo
8. Russia's on Fire
9. Trust in the Fire
10. Cheyenne (Where the Eagles Retreat)
11. Walpurgis Night

War Of The Wizards

Album: ''War Of The Wizards'' (1992)
1. Listen To The Stories
2. Theja
3. Magic Mirror
4. Wooden Drum
5. War Of The Wizards
6. Dragon's Day
7. Time
8. Fate's On The Rise
9. A Promise Of Old
10. The Way To Go
11. Wanderer


Album: ''Shogun'' (1994)
1. Stranded
2. Liar
3. Garden Of Pain
4. Seven Faces (And Two Hearts)
5. Forbidden
6. Victory Is Mine
7. Let Lessons Begin
8. The King Of Winds
9. She's The Sun
10. Good Times-Bad Times
11. I'll Never Forgive
12. Somewhere

Dance With The Witches

Album: ''Dance With The Witches'' (2002)
1. Intro/Man Of Miracles
2. Dance With The Witches
3. Jeanne D'Arc
4. Knights Of Light
5. The Devil's Bride
6. Nothing More
7. The House Of Usher
8. The King Of Terrors
9. Proud And Honest
10. My World
11. The Altar Of Love
12. Together


Album: ''Witchcraft'' (2004)
1. The Sinister Child
2. At the Break of this Day
3. Fallen form God
4. Frankenstein's Brothers
5. Until the War Will End
6. Witchcraft
7. Sleeping Beauty
8. Puppet in A Play
9. The Kiss of Death
10. Moonfleet
11. Salome
12. The Drinking Song
13. Blood Lies in My Hand (bonus track)



Stormwitch is a band from Germany, and during the 80's they were one of the better known German cult bands.
They released 7 albums before splitting up late in 1994:

"Walpurgis Night" (1984)
"Tales Of Terror" (1985)
"Stronger Than Heaven" (1986)
"The Beauty And The Beast" (1988)
"Eye Of The Storm" (1990)
"War Of The Wizards" (1992)
"Shogun" (1994).

The band re-united in 2002, and since then they have released 2 new albums:

"Dance With The Witches" (2002)
"Witchcraft" (2004).

Only the vocalist remains in the band from the original 1984 lineup.

The current lineup is:

Andy Mück - vocals
Fabian Schwarz - guitars
Martin Winkler - guitars
Dominik Schwarz - bass
Alex Schmidt - keyboards
Marc Oppold - drums

Power/Traditional Metal

Occult, Myths, History, Medieval Tales, Literature

Germany (Heidenheim/Baden-Württemberg), formed in 1979

Nuclear Blast


Andy "Aldrian" Mück - vocals
Jürgen Wannenwetsch - Bass

Guitars :
Steve Merchant (Stefan Kauffman) (1979-1989)
Lee Tarot (Harald Spengler) (Tarot's Myst) (1979-1989)
Wolf Schludi (1989)
Damir Uzunovic (The Armada) (1991-1994)
Joe Gassmann (Sanvoisen, ex-Letter X) (1991-1992)
Robert ``Robby`` Balci (Defending the Faith, ex-Death In Action) (1992-1994, live only)
Martin Winkler (2002-2004)
Fabian Schwarz (Runamok, ex-Paradox (Ger), Ritual Spirit, Tyran' Pace)
Oliver Weislogel

Bass :
Ronny "Pearson" Gleisberg (1983-1986)
Andy "Hunter" Jäger (1987-1989)
Martin Albrecht (Valley's Eve, Mystic Prophecy, Rough) (1990-1994)
Dominik Schwarz (Runamok) (2002-2004)

Drums :
Peter "Lancer" Langer (The Armada, Infinity's Call) (1983-1994)
Marc Oppold (ex-Tyrant (Ger), ex-Death in Action) (2002-2004)
Michael Blechinger

Keyboards :
Alex Schmidt (ex-Tyran' Pace) (2002-2004)
Andrew Roussak


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