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Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be

Album: ''Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be'' (1998 EP)
1. Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be
2. Sir Lorial
3. War (The Supreme Art)

Supreme Art of War

Album: ''Supreme Art of War'' (1999)
1. Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be
2. A Descent Into The Kingdom Of The Shades
3. Sir Lorial
4. Age Of The Dragon
5. War (The Supreme Art)
6. Immortal Heroes
7. Of Steel And Ancient Might
8. Outro

At the Gates of Utopia

Album: ''At the Gates of Utopia'' (2001)
1. Under The Samnites' Spears
2. I Am Legend
3. Xanadu
4. ...And Winter Was
5. At The Gates Of Utopia
6. The Curse Of Medusa
7. The Burning Hope
8. A Sight Inwards
9. The Secrets Of The Earth

The Curse of Medusa

Album: ''The Curse of Medusa'' (2001 EP)
1. The Curse Of Medusa
2. Under The Samnite’s Spears
3. Dawn Of Winter Solstice
4. Baphomet (2001 version) (Death SS Cover)
5. A Descent Into The Kingdom Of The Shades (live)
6. Creeping Death (live Metallica cover)
7. The Death Of Medusa

The Gorgon Cult

Album: ''The Gorgon Cult'' (2004)
1. The Torchbearer
2. Dance of Hecate
3. Wurdulak
4. Under the Boards (195, M.A.)
5. Oath of the Legion
6. The Gorgon Cult
7. Memories of Lemuria
8. Medusa’s Coil
9. Moonchild (Iron Maiden cover)
10. Nightbreed



Stormlord is a Blackened Epic Metal band from Italy. The group uses keyboards to give their songs a epic, melodic sound and atmosphere. There is the occasional female singer part in some of their songs, adding a Gothic feel. They are also influenced by power metal, as the normally powerful screams from frontman Christiano Borchi are occasionally replaced by singing (which is still quite effective). Their sound could be described as Iron Maiden meets Emperor. Their latest album, "The Gorgon Cult" was released in 2004, to much critical praise and positive fan response.

Blackened Epic Metal

Mythology, supernatural, war, epic themes

Italy (Rome, Lazio), formed in 1991

Scarlet Records


Cristiano Borchi - Vocals (Guest vocals in: Outbreak (Ita))
Pierangelo Giglioni - Guitar
Francesco Bucci - Bass (Leprechaun (Ita), Outbreak (Ita))
David Folchitto - Drums (Tular, Outbreak (Ita), ex-Birkenau (Ita), ex-Concept (Ita), A.T.T., ex-Satanik Terrorists, Kaledon)
``Joe`` Giampaolo Caprino - Guitars (Perfidy Biblical, Run With Wolves, The Legend of the Sleeping River)

Claudio Di Carlo (Guitar) 1991-1994
Riccardo Montanari (Drums) 1991-1994
Andrea Cacciotti (Guitar) 1993-1995
Dario Maurizi (Guitar) 1995
Gabriele Valerio (Drums) 1995 (now in Theatres Des Vampires and Astarte Syriaca)
Fabrizio Cariani (Keyboards) 1995-1999
Marcello Baragona (Drums) 1995-1999
Dux Tenebrarum (Guitar) 1997
Raffaella Grifoni (Female Vocals) 1997
Simone Scazzocchio - Keyboards
Luca Bellanova - Keyboards


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