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Dead River Blues

Album: ''Dead River Blues'' (2004)
1. Smack the Sun
2. Holosonic
3. Mind Ammo
4. Hologram Man
5. Christ Was an Angry Man
6. Doomed
7. Supersorrow
8. All Along the River
9. Way Back Home
10. One Eyed Soul

Promo 2005

Album: ''Promo 2005'' (2005 Demo)
1. Eyes Burnt Out
2. Awakening
3. Ghosts Of A Culture's Pride

Live Like A Man (Die As A God)

Album: ''Live Like A Man (Die As A God)'' (2006)
1. Vox Christi (Intro)
2. Destroying Ruins
3. Getting Over Seven Years
4. Eyes Burnt Out
5. Swamp Inside
6. Awakening
7. Good Old Way
8. Ghosts Of A Culture's Pride
9. Live Like A Man (Die As A God)
10. Chemically Ruled
11. Ride Blind
12. Bury Me In Smoke (Down cover)



Stereochrist (formerly known as Super Natural) was founded in May 2002 by members of Hungary's premier doom-metal band, Mood. Disbanded at the end of 2001 Mood previously released 4 LPs and circulated the underground scene with a number of successful shows including the Flag of Doom series of festivals with appearances by Spirit Caravan, Crowbar and Beaver.

Following the band's break-up guitarist Hegyi Kolos, drummer Koltay Tamás and bass player Megyesi Balázs stayed tuned for a new heavier-than-life adventure to revoke their trade-mark sound in a more aggressive yet traditional form. Joined by vocalist Felföldi Péter, originally of aspiring stoner rockers Mothermoon the lineup was finalized at the end of May. (In an early phase of its development ex-Mothermoon guitarist Fung András also jammed with the band for a couple of months.)

A summer of intensive sessions brought forward a material of heavy riff-centric songs spiced with moderately popular melodies. The music of Super Natural lays on the basis of massive guitar work framed by traditionally simple structures and psychedelia-induced vocal harmonies. On top of it all there's a lyrical concept focusing on the self and its relation to the spiritual enlightenment - as in Hologram Man. Other songs, like Christ Was An Angry Man use irony to refer to such issues as the perils of ideological obsession.

In spring, 2003 the band signed a one album contract with the Florida-based label Arctic Music Group ( The debut LP titled Dead River Blues was recorder during the summer of 2003 and will be released in the USA, Canada and Europe in March 2004. (The CD is licensed in Finland by Firebox Records.)

In june, 2004 Tamás Koltay (drummer) and Peter Felföldi (singer) had left the band so in august, a new singer David Mako joined the band. In oktober we absolvated our 10 days tour in europe with our new drummer Csaba Kludovácz, in the arrangement of PsycheDOOMelic Records.
Now we are working on new songs, and planing our next tours.

( from )

Doom Metal

Hungary (Sopron), formed in 2003

Arctic Music Group


Kolos Hegyi - guitars (Mood, Maelstrom, Supernatural)
Balázs Megyesi - bass
Dávid Makó - vocals
Csaba Kludovácz - drums

Fung András - guitars
Felföldi Péter - vocals (Chief Rebel Angel)
Koltay Tamás - drums (Mood)


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