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Album: ''Vihaa'' (2001 Demo)
1. Vihaa
2. Eudaimonia

Promo 2002

Album: ''Promo 2002'' (2002 Demo)
1. Koe Murha
2. Eivät Ikinä Saa
3. Arjen Sankari


Album: ''Stam1na'' (2005)
1. Ristiriita
2. Sananen Lihasta
3. Kadonneet Kolme Sanaa
4. Väkivaltakunta
5. Erilaisen Rakkauden Todistaja
6. Koe Murha!
7. Tuomittu Syyllinen
8. Peto Rakasti Sinua
9. Koirapoika
10. Kaikki Kääntyy Vielä Parhain Päin
11. Paha Arkkitehti

Kadonneet Kolme Sanaa

Album: ''Kadonneet Kolme Sanaa'' (2005 Single)
1. Kadonneet Kolme Sanaa
2. Pyhä Yksinkertaisuus
3. Erilaisen Rakkauden Todistaja (video)

Paha arkkitehti

Album: ''Paha arkkitehti'' (2005 Single)
1. Paha arkkitehti
2. Koirapoika - live @ Lutakko 22.4.2005
3. Ristiriita - live video @ Lutakko 22.4.2005

Uudet kymmenen käskyä

Album: ''Uudet kymmenen käskyä'' (2006)
1. Uudet kymmenen käskyä
2. Merestä maalle
3. Edessäni
4. Viisi laukausta päähän
5. Vapaa maa
6. Lapsus
7. Paperinukke
8. Suhdeluku
9. Likainen parketti
10. Ovi
11. Kaksi reittiä yksi suunta


Album: ''Edessäni'' (2006 Single)
1. Edessäni

Likainen parketti

Album: ''Likainen parketti'' (2006 Single)
1. Likainen parketti
2. Rikos ihmisyyttä vastaan



Stam1na released its self-titled debut in the spring of 2005, but before that Stam1na was one of the most anticipated unsigned acts in Finland. The second album Uudet kymmenen käskyä was released in May of 2006.

Stam1na was signed up by Sakara Records in 2004, the label ran by Finnish Thrash Metal heroes Mokoma. Their collaboration started when Mokoma saw Stam1na on stage, and asked the youngsters to be the support act on their Finnish tour. Soon Stam1na became the first signing of Sakara, which had previously released only Mokoma's material.

Stam1na was formed in 1996, when the members were in their teens. Stam1na's core trio Hyyrynen/Olkkonen/Velin has been the same from the start, and they've grown up playing together. Kangasmäki joined the band in November of 2005 after being their session player the whole year.

Stam1na comes from Lemi, a small rural town in the region of Southern Karelia, in eastern Finland. Lemi is one of those small places, where you don't have too many things to distract you from your hobbies if you happen to have one. Therefore Stam1na had nothing but time to rehearse endlessly, and develop their impeccable instrumental skills. Despite of being small and rural, the municipality of Lemi has always been very friendly to aspiring musicians by for example offering them rehearsal rooms. Stam1na still rehearse there, and they never fail to remind everyone where it all started.

The debut album got nothing but great reviews. The records buyers also appreciated the album and it spent eight weeks on the Finnish album chart, and the single "Paha Arkkitehti" entered the charts at number four. The first single "Kadonneet kolme sanaa" was 5th. The new album Uudet kymmenen käskyä was 3rd on the album chart first week.

Stam1na has been called "the future of Finnish metal" so many times that the expression is turning into a cliché, but luckily not into unfounded one. In a brief time they've become a household name in the Finnish rock/metal scene.

And why's there a "1" in their name? It's all about distinctiveness. Try to Google the words "stamina" and then "stam1na". See the difference?

Alternative/Thrash/Heavy Metal

Emotions, Life, Society, Violence

Finland (Lemi), formed in 1996

Sakara Records


Antti "Hyrde" Hyyrynen - Vocals, Guitar
Pekka "Pexi" Olkkonen - Guitar
Kai-Pekka "Kaikka" Kangasmäki - Bass (ex-Frail From Inside, Devilhorn)
Teppo "Kake" Velin - Drums


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