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Human Traces

Album: ''Human Traces'' (1990 EP)
1. The casualty/loss of independence
2. Bereft of senses
3. I will fight
4. Insanity

Make Your Day

Album: ''Make Your Day'' (1992)
1. A Little Piece Of Death
2. Behold The Lion
3. Make Your Day
4. Thoughts
5. The Wanderer
6. Tears Of Hate
7. R.A.P.
8. Scaring The Winds (CD-Bonus)
9. The Man Who Never Was

Wrong Time, Wrong Place?

Album: ''Wrong Time, Wrong Place?'' (1995)
1. Intro
2. Liar
3. Wrong time wrong place
4. Time doesn't wait
5. Hellcome in heaven
6. Love to hate you
7. Dying forbidden !
8. Don't wanna be like you
9. Whose afraid of yellow snow ?

The Prophecy

Album: ''The Prophecy'' (1999)
1. The prophecy (the final sign)
2. Friends for life
3. ... but no one cares
4. Live everyday
5. Hold on tight
6. To die for (...your sins)
7. Nowhere to hide
8. I see the world
9. The meaning of life
10. Enjoy the silence
11. The prophecy (follow me)

Made For Eternity

Album: ''Made For Eternity'' (2000)
1. End Of The World
2. The Final Daylight
3. Nothing To Believe
4. Don`t Fear Your Life
5. Eternity Of A Day
6. Show Me The Way
7. Noone To Blame
8. People Are People
9. Free Your Mind
10. Hellcome In Heaven

Under The Cross

Album: ''Under The Cross'' (2002)
1. Painful Lust
2. Facing The Death
3. My Last Goodbye
4. Thinking Allowed!
5. Under The Cross
6. Rules Of Life
7. Down And Out
8. Fade Away
9. Out Of The Dark
10. In Zaire
11. Low Budget Heroes

In Zaire

Album: ''In Zaire'' (2002 Single)
1. In Zaire
2. Painful Lust
3. Fade Away



German heavy-metal band now known as Squealer A.d..

Heavy / Power Metal


Germany (Schwalmstadt/Hessia), formed in 1986

AFM Records


Vocals : Norbert Vornam (Mortal Passion, Mind-Ashes, Complex 7, Still No Order, Coverkill)
Guitars : Lars Döring
Guitars : Michael Schiel
Bass : Michael Kaspar
Drums : Martin Buchwalter (Perzonal War)

Vocals : Andy ``Henner`` Allendörfer (R.I.P. 1967- 16.01.2005, car accident)
Vocals : Gus Chambers (Grip Inc.)

Guitars : Axel Fisher

Bass : Bernd Adam
Bass : Tobias Exxel (Edguy, Taraxacum, Galen)

Drums : Mike Terrana (Savage Circus, Empire (Ger), Artension, Axel Rudi Pell, Rage (Ger), Roland Grapow, Victor Smolski, Metalium (Ger), Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Kiko Loureiro, John West, Tony MacAlpine, Masterplan, Gamma Ray, ex session for Not Fragile, Hanover Fist)
Drums : Dirk Oechsle (Mercury Falling)
Drums : Franky Wolf (Taraxacum)
Drums : Martin Winter (Asgard (Ger), Exray)


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