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Darkness Visible

Album: ''Darkness Visible'' (1993)
1. Degeneration Mode
2. Endless Human Failure
3. Disruption
4. Empty Mental Room
5. Stranglehold
6. Nothingness
7. Helpless To Habit
8. Burning



Soulstorm combine aggression, ambiance and a heaviness that few can come close to. With each new release, Soulstorm conquers fresh new ground while retaining their signature sound. Formed in '91, Soulstorm have always been a step ahead among the sounds around them. They prove this once again with the crushing "Under The Killing Sun" which has made many friends and fans, showcasing a heavy, highly emotive sound.

"It is easy to pass us off as being selfish because we write for ourselves from the heart. We understand that we cannot be all things to all people. This is more than standard paint by numbers metal, this is about exploring textures and emotions through music. Lyrically we deal with denial, anxiety, depression and paranoia. Our subjects are very real and hit the nerve of human dysfunction".

Band History

—Debut CD "Darkness Visible" released: in Canada, Dec. '92 on Epidemic Records; in the US/Europe, Mar. '93 on Metal Blade Records/Music For Nations Records

—toured North America with Thought Industry and Sacrifice

—Sept. '93 nominated for MuchMusic Video Award for "Disruption"

—supported KMFDM, Entombed, Clutch, Cannibal Corpse, Milwaukee Metalfest, etc.

—Sept. '94, second CD "From Euphoria to Paranoia" released in North America on Cargo Records

—Nov./Dec. '94 toured Canada with Monster Voodoo Machine and "Turning Point" video released

—June '95 - distribution and contractual problems brought Soulstorm to a two year hiatus. During this time, Nick worked as a remix engineer and producer (Raggadeth/Def.Con.Sound.System) live soundman for Malhavoc, Monster Voodoo Machine and D.H.I. as well as toured/recorded with Monster Voodoo Machine (alongside Jason Cuddy and Jr.) on the high profile Ozzfest '98 and cross Canada with Queens Of The Stone Age.

—In 1997, a reformed and reinvigorated Soulstorm resurface to record "Under The Killing Sun", their most dynamic and focused work since the release of their ground breaking second CD "From euphoria To Paranoia". Soulstorm return to set new standards for the genre. Long awaited and eagerly anticipated, the intense production on this CD captures the live energy which has put Soulstorm at the forefront of the hard music scene.

Death Metal

Darkness, humanity

Canada (Toronto), formed in 1991

Metal Blade Records


Nick Sagias - Vocals/Guitars (Monster Voodoo Machine)
Junior - Guitars (Interzone)
Adam Pittaway - Bass
John Sagias - Drums

David M. - Guitar
Rick K. - Guitar
Chris Harris - Guitars


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