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Album: ''Delusion'' (2003)
1. Confused
2. Thorns
3. Oceans of Time
4. Life is Pain
5. Rip Off
6. John Doe
7. Rage
8. To Ignore
9. Souls
10. Heads
11. Delusion



SOULSGATE was founded in 1997, by singer & bassist Stefan Berg and is located in Hamburg, Germany. After some line up changes in the first years, there was a constant line in between 2001-2006 with Stefan Berg, Hendrik "Dave" Biemann, Thomas "Tom" Buns and Jan Muths. And first Gigs were played with bands like Mangled, Callenish Circle, Dark at Dawn, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Helheim and Dark-Age. Im January 2003 the Debut-Album "Delusion" was released and further gigs with bands like Grave, The Forsaken, Disinter, Final Breath and Dew Scented followed.
SOULSGATE won the 2005 W:O:A Metal Battle for Hamburg, and will release their second album "Inner Conflict" in July 2006. Since the beginning of 2006, a new drummer joined the band, so that todays Line Up is:

Stefan Berg: Vox & Bass
Hendrik "Dave" Biemann: Guitar
Thomas "Tom" Buns: Guitar
Richard "Richie" Nolte: Drums

But now lets talk about their music:

They would describe it as technical Deathmetal with Thrashmetal influences, to give someone a first impression, but thats only a rough description of SOULSGATE'S music after all. To give you more details: the influences are various, from old school Death-/Thrashmetal to more modern styles like Numetal or even Metalcore.....but from their point of view its mainly Deathmetal, because of:
- the brutally played parts
- all vox are screams or shouts, no singing
- no keys or effects, no clean guitars (the gain is always set to max)
=> the sound is raw and brutal!!

SOULSGATE are not hiding behind clichees. They put the best out of many styles into their music and combine technique, precision and speed to an individual power and to keep progressing it. They varie from groove to blast and back but keep their own sound and style.

Death/Thrash Metal

Germany (Hamburg), formed in 1997



Hendrik Biemann (ex-Point Blank (Ger), Grass) - Guitars
Tom Buns - Guitars
Stefan Berg - Vocals/Bass
Jan Muths - Drums

André - Guitars
Simon - Guitars
Tim - Drums
Cookie - Drums


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