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Album: ''Kalma'' (1999)
1. Kalma
2. Goatride
3. Secrecy Supreme
4. Rememberance Through Deep Red Masquerade
5. Cage
6. Across The Field Of Thought
7. Seed (A Sermon In Stone)
8. Black Lust & Flower Mystica
9. Harsh Mother Time (Saapas)
10. Pagan Pride

Elixir Mystica

Album: ''Elixir Mystica'' (2001)
1. Liekki
2. Elixir Mystica
3. Black Stone March
4. HateLoveChaos
5. Tearflower
6. Shadowrain
7. Evolution
8. Grey Shades of Love
9. Kuun Lapset, Pimeän Voima
10. Earth Ghost Waltz
11. Ugri The Key

The Origins of the Paganblood

Album: ''The Origins of the Paganblood'' (2005)
1. The Valley
2. Northlander
3. When Those Nights Have Circled Over
4. Red River
5. The Tree Of Life
6. Autumn
7. Flesh Marionette
8. Paganblood
9. The Watchful Eye & The Old Way
10. Circle Of Pain & Glory



Soulgrind was born in 1992. After a short existence, it got a deal from German based MMI Records ( Autonomy Productions ). The first release was 7“ EP titled Santa Sangre featuring unique dark industrial mixed to doom and black feelings. In 1994 the debut CD titled La Matanza, El Himno Pagano was released through the same label. Album featured much more complex and weird emotions and structures than the previous EP. The next effort, LADIT 1999 AD: BIHTTPOTB got even further. 74 minutes of extremely complex and orchestral structures mixed into black and doom music. Both albums were created at the studio during recordings and could be called extremely exprerimental ones. Unfortunately pour production didn´t give the albums what they deserved. A small European tour followed in 1995. Roope Latvala ( Sinergy, Stone, Children Of Bodom) was a session guitarist on the tour.As the mastermind, Lord Heikkinen, has always been keen into dark past of Finland ( Kouta on La Matanza... album etc. ), he felt that there was time to make a consept album dealing with that matter. That was the now praised Whitsongs CD. For that album Soulgrind´s line - up got it´s solid base. Agathon on drums, Whisper Lilith on female vocals and Ceasar on screams. Whitsongs got ultimate reviews in Aardshock, Imhotep, Perkele etc. With that album Soulgrind gained the deal with Holy Records.

Gothic/Black Metal


Finland (Helsinki), formed in 1992

Holy Records


Azhemin - Vocals, synth, programming (Nomicon, ex-Shape of Despair, Thy Serpent, ex-Wanderer (Fin), ex-Wintermoon (Fin))
Whisper Lilith (Tanya Kemppainen) - Vocals (ex-Gloomy Grim, ex-Lullacry)
Lord Heikkinen - Guitar, programming (Fierce (Fin), Gloomy Grim, ex-Tenebrae (Fin), Twilight Ophera, Walhalla (Fin))
Tony Bite (Toni Näykki) - Guitar (ex-Gandalf (Fin), ex-Shaman (Fin), Twilight Ophera)
Tapio Wilska - Bass (ex-Finntroll, ex-Lyijykomppania, ex-Nattvindens Gråt, Obscene Eulogy, Sethian, ex-Wizzard (Fin))
Agathon the Beast - Drums (ex-Airdash, ex-Barathrum, ex-Corporal Punishment (Fin), Gloomy Grim, Nomicon, ex-Thy Serpent, Walhalla (Fin))

Ceasar (Tommi Launonen) - Vocals (ex-Coarse, ex-Gandalf, ex-Gloomy Grim, Nomicon, Walhalla (Fin))
JP Immonen - Bass (At Winter's End)


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