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Album: ''Sotajumala'' (2001 Demo)
1. Sotajumala
2. Pelkuri
3. 105 Päivää
4. Verimaa, Isänmaa


Album: ''Panssarikolonna'' (2003 EP)
1. Panssarikolonna
2. Sodan Kauhu
3. Nimettömäksi Jäänyt
4. Verimaa, Isänmaa

Death Metal Finland

Album: ''Death Metal Finland'' (2004)
1. Intro
2. Meidän Maa
3. Elämän Vihollinen
4. Syyttömien Veri
5. Kuolleet
6. Rakkaudesta Sotaan
7. Panssarikolonna
8. Sisu Sinivalkoinen
9. Sotajumala
10. Vanki
11. Pommitus

Sotajumala/Torture Killer

Album: ''Sotajumala/Torture Killer'' (2005 Split)
1. 8:15
2. Bind, Torture, Kill
3. Day of Cadavers
4. Defiled and Dead



The Death Metal -Finland- War Machine Sotajumala was founded in 1998 by T. Otsala and K. Orbinski. To the final shape it formed in the year 2000 when J. Häkkinen, A. Romo, P. Lapio and H. Lastu joined to the band. The first promo-CD was recorded in two days, in the Sundicoop studio, Savonlinna by Tuomo Valtonen at 16th-17th September 2001. At the time the line-up consisted three guitarists, but after some discussions about musical interests P. Lapio decided to leave the band. Today Sotajumala creates their music as a five member band, however still composing the new material to be played on three guitars. In 2002 Sotajumala made a few gigs, in Sweden and Finland, and after those gigs, in the late summer 2002 one era of the Sotajumala came to an end; Vocalist H. Lastu announced that he could no longer be a part of the band, due to his personal situations and a lack of time. So Sotajumala had to find a new vocalist. Luckily they found "105", who made clear in a very short period of time that he is the right man for the job. After some rehearsals Sotajumala went to the Watercastle Studio, Jyväskylä and recorded "Panssarikolonna" MCD. It consists 4 tracks of brutal Death Metal with no speed limits. What comes to the musical aspects, Sotajumala's influences come from the genre of Death Metal bands, mainly from Florida, U.S. region. However ,the purpose is to "spice" the music with their own style and Finnish attitude, not to forget the musical roots, though. Sotajumala's lyrics are partly based on Finnish war history and on the other hand they tell fictive stories from war altogether. Though the lyrics have their roots in war, they are not meant to provoke or create an image of facist beliefs. So, Sotajumala does not take any stand with our lyrics to political or other ideologies. Sotajumala's future plans consist some gigs and focusing to create new material for their forthcoming full-length album. The recordings are scheduled to start in March 2003. The new material will be in composing manner more faster, aggressive and complex and more strict playing.

Luukkainen - Vocals
Orbinski - Guitar
Lapio - Guitar
Otsala - Bass
Häkkinen - Drums

Death Metal


Finland (Jyväskylä/Mikkeli/Savonlinna), formed in 1998

Woodcut Records


T. Otsala - Bass, Backing Vocals
P. Lapio - Guitar
K. Orbinski - Guitars
Timo Häkkinen - Drums (Atakhama, ex-Funeris Nocturnum, Where Victims Lie)
M. Luukkainen - Vocals (Alghazanth, Empyrean Bane, Horna, Obscurant, Unveiled (Fin), session vocals for De Lirium's Order)

H. Lastu - Vocals on Sotajumala demo
A. Romo - Drums until Panssarikolonna (Agon Origin, Ikuinen Kaamos)
J. Häkkinen - Guitar until Panssarikolonna (Agon Origin, Antarktis Utopia, Gaurithoth, Njafrar)
105 (Teijo Hakkola) - Vocals from Panssarikolonna to DMF (ex-Alghazanth, ex-Unveiled (Fin))


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