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Caverns Of Grief

Album: ''Caverns Of Grief'' (2002)
1. Breed the Tyrants
2. Nocturnal Apparition
3. Enslaver of Hateful Souls
4. The Arduous Warpath
5. Caverns of Grief
6. Silent Plagues
7. Ensemble of Perdition
8. Chanting the Last Passages

Funeral Oath

Album: ''Funeral Oath'' (2003 EP)
1. Cursed Fires of Gehenna
2. Occult Moon
3. Funeral Oath and Ressurection

Collected Works

Album: ''Collected Works'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Cursed Fires of Gehenna
2. Occult Moon
3. Funeral Oath and Resurrection
4. Breed The Tyrants
5. Nocturnal Apparition
6. Enslaver of Hateful Souls
7. The Arduous Warpath
8. Caverns of Grief
9. Silent Plagues
10. Ensemble of Perdition
11. Chanting the Last Passages
12. Blackness Reality (Performer by Nocturnal Faith)

Album: ''Tower of Ancient Wisdom'' (2007 Single)
1. Tower of Ancient Wisdom



Born in 2000, Sorrowstorm aimed to strengthen the worldwide unblack (Christian black metal) scene with limited initial success but strong determination, as funds to record and press albums were always low. Dysmorphic Records, the producer of this band, has made it a task to use sophisticated advertising, distribution, and promotion to make the best of the underground metal experience. Ogrus Storm (Phil Diez), began Sorrowstorm as a solo-project, and recorded the debut album "Caverns of Grief" at INSOMNIO studios in 2001, Republic of Panama. A vague deal was in progress with Apocalyptic Records, but fell through, so Dysmorphic Records was forced to press a few hundred copies of the album for distribution in several countries during 2002. The album was well received, but was met with some criticism due to its production. It was, however, the first black metal full length production in the history of Panama. For a Christian unBlack band, this is a miraculous feat. Phil, at the time, did not know the plans that were ahead for Sorrowstorm, which would temporarily terminate the solo-status of the project for two years.

In 2002, after the separation of Felipe's old band Ministros del Santuario, a few members decided to play live in a major event in Panama. The show was met with great success, and so in 2003, Sorrowstorm decided to tour the small republic. The tour was incredibly successful, and coincided with the release of the "Funeral Oath" EP (Recorded in Tampa, Florida, 300 copies distributed in different countries). Always striving to use sophisticated promotion in the media and forming favorable relationships with such, the band always stayed on top. It was bold in its Christian mission, and was extremely controversial due to the strong impact it had on the metal scene. Much hatred was manifested against us from all four corners of the world, and much occultism was practiced in order to hurt the band. The truth is, the more resistance the enemy (Satan) established, the more God used Sorrowstorm to achieve amazing victories in His name. As a result of hard work and dedication, Sorrowstorm was nominated for the Panamarock hard music grammys 2003; the only metal band ever to be nominated for this award. We did not win the grammy (because of our faith), but this will forever remain a triumph for Christian metal in Latin America. Our last show was quite a memorable one, in August of 2003, and was incredibly nostalgic for our supporters.

We have sure suffered and toiled in our mission, but the seed that was spread will not return void. It will produce fruit and incredible growth. It already has.

As of August 2004, Sorrowstorm returned to solo-project status and moved to Providence, Rhode Island to join the USBM. It is no longer a Latin American black metal band, but its roots and heritage will forever remain. Great things are in store for this Storm. It will continue its infinite struggle against the dark lord and his world empire, and it will succeed.

Black Metal


Panama (Panama City), formed in 2000

Dysmorphic Records


Felipe ``Phil`` Diez - Drums, vocals (Encryptor, Ministros del Santuario)

Elias Perez - Bass (ex-Encryptor, Ministros del Santuario)
Hein Hobein - Guitar (Deathless (Pan), ex-Ministros del Santuario, Empty Crypta)
Pablo Moran - Guitar (Encryptor, ex-Ministros del Santuario)
Francisco Morales (a.k.a. Kenaz) - Keyboards (ex-Xatran, Malkavian (Pan), Acteron)


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