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The Inquisition

Album: ''The Inquisition'' (1992 Demo)
1. Premonition
2. The Sorcerer
3. Queen In Black
4. The Inquisition
5. Stargazer (Rainbow cover)



There is at least 3 artists using this name: 1) Sorcerer is a one man (Daniel Saxon Judd) space disco outfit from California with releases out on Tirk recordings. 2) Sorcerer is an epic modern thrash/groove metal band from Poland (Kielce), focused on propagating unique Slavonic musical vision.
Sorcerer's lyrics tell us about epic battles, power of Polish Husarya, Slavonic legends, etc. Founded in 2002, Sorcerer came to be one of now many young Polish heavy metal, one could risk to say that it was one of the pioneers at that time. The first release "Metalowa Husarya" (2004), bringing loads of classic heavy sounds, got many good reviews and basicly was acclaimed wherever it could be found. And that is not only Poland, but also Israel, Canada, Australia and Japan. For the next two years the band did quite a lot live shows within the Polish borders, proving that Sorcerer can kick some butt on stage. In the beginning of 2006, the slightly renewed line-up entered studio to record a follow-up to "Metalowa Husarya" which eventually earned the English title "The Last Hussars of Metal". The new tracks were a promo EP "War Sower" that was supposed to draw some labels' attention towards the young band. Well no word on that until now... Immediatelly after the recording session had ended, Sorcerer joined Grzegorz Kupczyk with the KRUK band, and played some fine shows across Poland. At the moment the band, after suffering from a little disintegration within it's ranks, writes music for the debut album. It is supposed to shed some new light on Sorcerer's sound as it became more powerful, heavier and a bit more modern, progressive or up-to-date... call it whatever you want. Official website:
3) And also there is a Swedish Sorcerer before the Polish one started. One of the very first heavier metal bands from Sweden. Sorcerer was a doom metal band that was formed in 1984 but it took them till 1988 to get their first demo recorded. A second was released in 1992. In 1995 a full-length CD was released - yet with a load of tracks from their 1992 demo. A vinyl piece saw the light early 2004 with the Inquisitor demo and two bonustracks, this release was limited to 700 copies only.

Doom Metal

Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 1984

Brainticket Records


Anders Engberg - Vocals (Section A, Book of Reflections, Lion's Share, Twilight (Dnk), Dreams Fall)
Mars Liedholm - Guitars
Peter Furulid - Guitars
Johnny Hagel - Bass (Tiamat, Sundown)
Richard Evensand - Drums (Chimaira, Demonoid, Dog Faced Gods, Ebony Tears, Lion's Share, Soilwork (Tour), Southpaw, Therion (Swe))


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