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Eden Fire

Album: ''Eden Fire'' (2005)
1. Jailbreak
2. Enhance My Nightmare
3. History Repeats Itself
4. Zion Must Fall
5. Misanthropic Coil
6. Lament Of Innocence
7. Prelude to Extinction
8. Soulstone Splinter
9. Crowned in Despair
10. Where the Black Lotus Grows

Only Inhuman

Album: ''Only Inhuman'' (2007)
1. Aftermath
2. Blue Eyed Fiend
3. Psychic Suicide
4. Double Agent 616
5. Enclave
6. Denied
7. Callous
8. Only Inhuman
9. All About Us (t.A.T.u. Cover)
10. Unknown Entity
11. Flashback

sonic syndicate


Sonic Syndicate are:
Richard Sjunnesson - Vocals
Roger Sjunnesson - Guitars
Robin Sjunnesson - Guitars
Karin Axelsson - Bass
John Bengtsson - Drums
Roland Johansson - Vocals

"We really feel we made an album that kicks you in the face from beginning to end!"

In the late summer of 2005, Nuclear Blast ran a giant competition, the so-called "Bandcontest". Out of over 1.500 entries Nuclear Blast Records had to pick ONE winner: SONIC SYNDICATE!

This young band with the 3 Sjunnesson brothers Richard, Roger and Robin from Falkenberg / Sweden stood out in the fierce competition and convinced Nuclear Blast that they should be the winners. They managed to so with pure talent and melodic but still extremely heavy and catchy songs.

"You're definitely in for a roller coaster ride with songs like Denied which are full of energy till Enclave which will bring you back down to earth with a mix of great melody, piano, crunching guitars and a touch of drum abuse."

The new songs are really over the top, full of sweeping melodies and endless killer riffs! On May 18 the new album "Only Inhuman" will be released through Nuclear Blast Records!

The record was produced by Jonas Kjellgren, also known as guitar player from Sweden's Death metal band SCAR SYMMETRY at the Black Lounge Studio in Sweden.

"With Only Inhuman now complete we can finally say we're all satisfied. When we recorded the album the adrenalin was so high everyone just felt like breaking something…"

A video clip was shot by Revolver Film Company / Patric Ullaeus (e.g. DIMMU BORGIR, CHILDREN OF BODOM, KAMELOT and IN FLAMES). Koma-Design, who are famous and established for their remarkable designs (e.g. LACUNA COIL, DISBELIEF, IN FLAMES, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER) will take care of the cover artwork duties.

Be aware because SONIC SYNDICATE are definitely one of the hottest newcomers of 2007!

They have been confirmed for Wacken and Up From The Ground 2007 and more dates are being worked on as we speak!

Taken from

Melodic Death Metal

Sweden (Falkenberg), formed in 2005

Nuclear Blast


Richard Sjunnesson - Vocals
Roland Johasson - Vocals
Roger Sjunnesson - Lead Guitar
Robin Sjunnesson - Guitar
Karin Axelsson - Bass
John "Runken" Bengtsson - Drums

Kristoffer Bäcklund - Drums
Andreas Mårtensson - Keyboards


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