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Trail of Omission

Album: ''Trail of Omission'' (2003)
1. Broken Reflection
2. Visions (Of The Promised Land)
3. Piece of Mind
4. Degenerate Eyes
5. Systematically Denied
6. A Dying Embrace
7. Trail of Omission (Part 1)
8. Trail of Omission (Part 2)
9. Artifacts of the Black Rain (In Flames cover)


There are three bands with the same name:
1.Solitary is a progressive metal and rock band from

I. The music
With their music SOLITARY demonstrate that catchy, atmospheric melodies and complex and technically demanding song structures and arrangements are not mutually exclusive. SOLITARY are loosely geared to the Progressive Rock and Metal genre in which music is subject to a constant process of evolution. Due to each band member's different influences SOLITARY's music is very manifold and features characteristics of many genres, giving the band that special individuality without copying other bands.

II. Brief bio
In early 2002, David Jäckle, Markus Degenhardt and Andres Kesberg decided to form a band.
After finding a drummer (Sebastian Luther) and a singer/bass player (Martin Moser), the band THE LIMPETS was founded.
They started as a coverband playing popular rock/metal songs, but these commencements were quickly left behind. It didnt take long until they published their first release: "The Thin Red Line". This punk rock CD represents the band's mood at this time and it was a success in nearby region. Due to their CD and regular shows, THE LIMPETS built up a remarkably big audience with loyal fans.

Despite their success a musical recommencement was dared, this was the end of THE LIMPETS. In the end of 2004 THE LIMPETS were consigned to history and SOLITARY was born.
The line up was not changed, but Marin Moser devoted himself completely to the vocals, Andreas Kesberg took over his part as a bass player and Markus Degenhardt took over the keyboard part for good.
Since then SOLITARY has provided the best background for each band member to develop their concepts of music.
SOLIATRY's style is loosely based on the progressive rock- and metal style. Within itself the musical appearance succumbs a constant, never ending process.
The SOLITARY-EP represents a retrospectation and a snap-shot of this constant process.

Vocals - Martin Moser
Guitar - David Jäckle
Keyboard - Markus Degenhardt
Bass - Andreas Kesberg
Drums - Sebastian Luther


2.Solitary is a melodic death metal band from Israel.

3.Solitary was an emo/metalcore band based in Bydgoszcz, Poland. They`ve relased their DIY LP "When Was The Last Time You Looked At Your Soul" on 2002.

Melodic Death Metal

Humanism, Life Struggles, Pain, Misery...

Israel (Hod Hasharon), formed in 2000



Yogev Sitton - Guitar (Matricide (Isr))
Shahar Guy - Bass (Matricide (Isr))
Liri J.A. Katz - Drums (ex-The Knell)

Roy Morad - Vocals, Guitar
Elad Manor - Bass (Acropolis, The Fading)
Auria Sappir - Guitar (Matricide (Isr), Eternal Gray)
Shaked Furman - Drums (Acropolis, The Fading, Dissonant (Isr))
Yoni Doron - Bass (Xenolith (Isr))


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