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Album: ''Waves of Hate'' (2006 Demo)
1. Waves of Hate
2. Your Worst Enemy
3. After the Fall


Solacide was founded in autumn 1996 by Kimmo Korhonen and Masa Jauhola. Solacide worked under the name Dim Moonlight until late 2004. First three years the band spent finding its musical direction and going through several line-up changes. Early 2000 bass player Lauri Hietanen joined the band. In spring 2000 Dim Moonlight recorded its first demo …To Tranquility at Studio Kuja, Lahti. Kimmo and Masa decided to record the demo as two-piece, due to bass players lack of skills. Hietanen played one gig with Dim Moonlight. The rest of the year 2000 the band went again through many line-up changes, writing and rehearsing new material.

In summer 2001 Dim Moonlight played at 8-sali, Lahti, this time the band had session players, Tomi Luoma (Kill The Romance) on guitar and Dani Miettinen (Tuoni) on bass. Song …To Tranquility was also played on the Finnish radio program Metalliliitto, and was praised by programs host Klaus Fleming. Late 2001 Dim Moonlight started to record a new demo, but only a few copies were released because of the poor sound quality.

Late 2002 Kimmo and Masa went to Oriville Studios to record a new demo, Pleasure Of Existence. This time they had a keyboardist Olli Rytkönen (Moment Aftrer Scarlet) with them, or as he wanted his name to be printed in the layout, Cantor Satana… this collaboration didn’t work out either, so Kimmo ended up playing most of the keyboards on the record. In late 2004 the band changed its name to Solacide, and two new members joined the band; bass player Sami Tikkanen joined in early spring 2005 and guitarist Joonas Vanhalakka in September 2005.

In November-December 2005 Solacide recorded Waves Of Hate -demo. It was recorded at their rehearsal house, and was released 18.1.2006. The band is now writing and rehearsing new material, which will be released by the end of 2007.

Melodic Black Metal

Discharging own aggressions

Finland (Lahti), formed in 1996



Mika Tönning - Vocals (ex-Catamenia, ex-Dawn of Relic)
Kimmo Korhonen - Lead Guitar (ex-Jumalhämärä, ex-Nowen, Helion (Fin))
Matti Jauhola - Drums
Sami Tikkanen - Bass
Joonas Vanhalakka - Guitar

Tuomo Tähtinen - Guitar (1996)
Kai Huovinen - Bass, Guitar (1998) (ex-Jumalhämärä, ex-Nowen, ex-Torn (Fin))
Jan Huovinen - Guitar (1998) (ex-Jumalhämärä, ex-Nowen)
Lauri Hietanen - Bass (2000)
Tomi Luoma - Guitar (2000) (Drowned in Life, Kill the Romance)
Dani Miettinen - Bass (2001) (ex-Before the Dawn, ex-Jumalhämärä, Tuoni)
Olli Rytkönen - Keyboard (2002) (Moment After Scarlet)


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