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Album: ''New Orleans Scene: Allow No Downfall'' (1991 Split)
1. Circle of Death
2. Waiting in Silence

Pussy Soul

Album: ''Pussy Soul'' (1995)
1. Thirteen Days a Weak
2. Slapfuck
3. Falling from a 65 Story Building
4. Lips a So of Blood
5. The Wrong of Way
6. Needlescrape
7. Zebra Zombies
8. Keep Crawling
9. Twitch of an Eye
10. Golfers Just Love Punishment
11. Love None
12. Branding of Thieves

Grief / Soilent Green

Album: ''Grief / Soilent Green'' (1995 Split)
1. Green Vegetable Matter
2. Gagged Whore
3. Swallowhole
4. Grasping For Air Through Lust

Sewn Mouth Secrets

Album: ''Sewn Mouth Secrets'' (1998)
1. It Was Just an Accident
2. So Hatred
3. Build Fear
4. Looking Through Nails
5. Breed in Weakness
6. Cold-Steel Kill
7. Openless
8. Her Unsober Ways
9. Sewn Mouth Secrets
10. Walk a Year In My Mind
11. Gagged Whore
12. Emptiness Found
13. Sticks & Stones

A String of Lies

Album: ''A String of Lies'' (1998 EP)
1. Sewn Mouth Secrets
2. Cat with Nine Claws
3. Felt Nothing

In These Black Days: vol.6

Album: ''In These Black Days: vol.6'' (1999 Split)
1. Children Of The Grave
2. Lord Of The Southern Priest

A Deleted Symphony For the Beaten Down

Album: ''A Deleted Symphony For the Beaten Down'' (2001)
1. Hand Me Downs
2. A Grown Man
3. Swallowhole
4. Afterthought of a Genius
5. An Addict's Lover
6. Later Days
7. Clockwork of Innocence
8. Daydreaming the Color of Blood
9. Last One in the Noose
10. She Cheated on You Twice

Preproduction demo

Album: ''Preproduction demo'' (2001 Demo)
1. Later Days
2. Last One In The Noose
3. Afterthoughts Of A Genius/Swallowhole/A Grown Man
4. Clockwork Of Innocence
5. Hand Me Downs
6. An Addicts Lover
7. She Cheated On You Twice
8. Daydreaming The Color Of Blood


Album: ''Confrontation'' (2005)
1. Scarlet Sunrise
2. Leaves Of Three
3. A Scream Trapped Underwater
4. Forgive & Regret
5. 12 oz. Prophet
6. Southern Spirit Suite
7. Pretty Smiles & Shattered Teeth
8. Liquor & Cigarettes
9. Theory Of Pride In Tragedy
10. Fingernails On A Chalkboard
11. Paper Cut
12. They Lie To Hide The Truth
13. Another Cheap Brand of Luck
14. This Glass House Of Broken Words
15. A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem

soilent green


Soilent Green is one of NOLA's finest exports. This band plays extremely heavy crust/grind/death/sludge/rock n roll that is relentless. Ben's vocals are absolutely brutal, the drums 100% technical, and the guitars deliciously riffy.

Soilent Green is a sludge and death/grind metal band from Metairie, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana. The majority of their albums have been released by Relapse Records. On April 26, 2004 former bassist Scott Williams was killed in an apparent murder/suicide incident by his roommate. In September 2005 former vocalist Glen Rambo was killed in Hurricane Katrina. In 2006, Soilent Green was featured in Metal Maniacs magazine in an article about the New Orleans metal scene. Soilent Green was also featured in Rolling Stone as one of the top 25 most influentual metal bands.


Abusive/distressed relationships, drugs, hate

United States of America (New Orleans, Louisiana), formed in 1988

Metal Blade Records


Tommy Buckley (Crowbar, ex-Graveyard Rodeo, Drip, Christ Inversion) - Drums
Scott Crochet - Bass
L. Ben Falgoust II - Vocals (Hangnail (US), Goatwhore, ex-Paralysis (US))
Brian Patton - Guitar (Eyehategod, Outlaw Order, Nuclear Crucifixion (US))
Gregg Harney - Guitar

Donovan Punch - Guitar (Nuclear Crucifixion (US))
Glenn Rambo (R.I.P. Sept. 2005, Hurricane Katrina) - Vocals (Nuclear Crucifixion (US))
Ben Stout - Guitar (ex-Goatwhore, Graveyard Rodeo)
Scott Williams (R.I.P. Apr. 26th 2004, murdered) - Bass (ex-New Religion (US))
Tony White - Guitar (ex-Paralysis (US))
Marcel Trenchard - Bass (ex-Rise Above (US), ex-Exhorder)


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