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Witching Metal

Album: ''Witching Metal'' (1982 Demo)
1. Devil's Attack
2. Witching Metal
3. Live From Hell
4. Poisoned Blood

Victims Of Death

Album: ''Victims Of Death'' (1984 Demo)
1. Witch Hammer
2. Devil's Attack
3. Let's Fight in the Darkness of Hell
4. Victims of Death
5. Live From Hell
6. Poisoned Blood
7. Satan's Conjuration
8. Witching Metal

In the Sign of Evil

Album: ''In the Sign of Evil'' (1984 EP)
1. Outbreak Of Evil
2. Sepulchral Voice
3. Blasphemer
4. Witching Metal
5. Burst Command Til War

Obsessed By Cruelty

Album: ''Obsessed By Cruelty'' (1986)
1. Intro
2. Deathlike Silence
3. Brandish the Sceptre
4. Proselytism Real
5. Equinox
6. Volcanic Slut
7. Obsessed by Cruelty
8. Fall of Majesty Town
9. Nuctemeron
10. Pretenders to the Throne
11. Witchhammer

Persecution Mania

Album: ''Persecution Mania'' (1987)
1. Nuclear Winter
2. Electrocution
3. Iron Fist (Motörhead Cover)
4. Persecution Mania
5. Enchanted Land
6. Procession to Golgatha
7. Christ Passion
8. Conjuration
9. Bombenhagel

Expurse of Sodomy

Album: ''Expurse of Sodomy'' (1987 EP)
1. Sodomy and Lust
2. The Conqueror
3. My Atonement

Mortal Way of Live

Album: ''Mortal Way of Live'' (1988 Live album)
1. Persecution Mania
2. Outbreak of Evil
3. The Conqueror
4. Iron Fist (Motörhead Cover)
5. Obsessed By Cruelty
6. Nuclear Winter
7. Electrocution
8. Blasphemer
9. Enchanted Land
10. Sodomy & Lust
11. Christ Passion
12. Bombenhagel
13. My Atonement

Agent Orange

Album: ''Agent Orange'' (1989)
1. Agent Orange
2. Tired and Red
3. Incest
4. Remember the Fallen
5. Magic Dragon
6. Exhibition Bout
7. Ausgebombt
8. Baptism of Fire


Album: ''Ausgebombt'' (1989 EP)
1. Ausgebombt (German Version)
2. Don't Walk Away
3. Incest (Live)

Better Off Dead

Album: ''Better Off Dead'' (1990)
1. An Eye For An Eye
2. Shellfire Defense
3. The Saw Is The Law
4. Turn Your Head Around (Tank Cover)
5. Capture The Flag
6. Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy Cover)
7. Bloodtrails
8. Never Healing Wound
9. Better Off Dead
10. Resurrection
11. Tarred And Feathered
12. Stalinorgel


Album: ''Sodomania'' (1991 Best of/Compilation)
1. Introduction
2. Deathlike Silence
3. Proselytism Real
4. Introduction
5. Outbreak Of Evil
6. Nuclear Winter
7. Iron Fist
8. My Atonement
9. Persecution Mania (Live)
10. Enchanted Land (Live)
11. Christ Passion (Live)
12. Agent Orange
13. Incest
14. Magic Dragon
15. Ausgebombt
16. The Saw Is The Law
17. Turn Your Head Around
18. Tarred And Feathered

The Saw Is The Law

Album: ''The Saw Is The Law'' (1991 EP)
1. The Saw Is The Law
2. Tarred And Feathered
3. The Kids Wanna Rock (Bryan Adams Cover)

Tapping the Vein

Album: ''Tapping the Vein'' (1992)
1. Body Parts
2. Skinned Alive
3. One Step Over the Line
4. Deadline
5. Bullet in the Head
6. The Crippler
7. Wachturm
8. Tapping the Vein
9. Back to War
10. Hunting Season
11. Reincarnation

Aber bitte mit Sahne

Album: ''Aber bitte mit Sahne'' (1993 EP)
1. Aber Bitte Mit Sahne
2. Sodomized
3. Abuse
4. Skinned Alive '93

Get What You Deserve (Promo)

Album: ''Get What You Deserve (Promo)'' (1993 Single)
1. Get What You Deserve
2. Yabba The Hut
3. Delight In Slaying
4. Die Stumme Ursel
5. Eat Me

Get What You Deserve

Album: ''Get What You Deserve'' (1994)
1. Get What You Deserve
2. Jabba The Hut
3. Jesus Screamer
4. Delight In Slaying
5. Die Stumme Ursel
6. Freaks Of Nature
7. Eat Me!
8. Unbury The Hatchet
9. Into Perdition
10. Sodomized
11. Fellows In Misery
12. Tribute To Moby Dick
13. Silence Is Consent
14. Erwachet!
15. Gomorrah
16. Angel Dust (Venom Cover)

Marooned Live

Album: ''Marooned Live'' (1994 Live album)
1. Intro
2. Outbreak of Evil
3. Jabba the Hut
4. Agent Orange
5. Jesus Screamer
6. Ausgebombt
7. Tarred and Feathered
8. Abuse
9. Remember the Fallen
10. An Eye for an Eye
11. Tired and Red
12. Eat Me!
13. Die Stumme Ursel
14. Sodomized
15. Gomorrah
16. One Step Over the Line
17. Freaks of Nature
18. Aber Bitte Mit Sahne
19. Silence Is Consent
20. Wachturm / Erwachet!
21. Stalinhagel
22. Fratricide
23. Gone to Glory

Live in der Zeche Carl

Album: ''Live in der Zeche Carl'' (1994 Video/VHS)
1. Outbreak of Evil
2. Jabba the Hut
3. Agent Orange
4. Jesus Screamer
5. Ausgebombt
6. Abuse
7. Remember the Fallen
8. An Eye for an Eye
9. Tired & Red
10. Eat Me!
11. Die Stumme Ursel
12. Sodomized
13. Gomorrah
14. Blasphemer
15. One Step Over the Line
16. Freaks of Nature
17. Aber bitte mit Sahne
18. Silence is Consent
19. Wachturm
20. Erwachet
21. Stalinhagel
22. Iron Fist (Motörhead Cover)
23. Shellshock (Tank Cover)
24. Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones Cover)
25. Dead City (Violent Force Cover)
26. The Trooper (Iron Maiden Cover)
27. Ace Of Spades (Motörhead Cover)
28. Highway To Hell (AC/DC Cover)

Masquerade In Blood

Album: ''Masquerade In Blood'' (1995)
1. Masquerade in Blood
2. Gathering of Minds
3. Fields of Honour
4. Braindead
5. Verrecke!
6. Shadow of Damnation
7. Peacemaker's Law
8. Murder in My Eyes
9. Unwanted Youth
10. Mantelmann
11. Scum
12. Hydrophobia
13. Let's Break the Law (Anti-Nowhere League Cover)

Ten Black Years - Best Of

Album: ''Ten Black Years - Best Of'' (1996 Best of/Compilation)
1. Tired And Red
2. The Saw Is The Law
3. Agent Orange
4. Wachturm / Erwachet! (Live)
5. Ausgebombt
6. Sodomy And Lust (Live)
7. Remember The Fallen (Live)
8. Nuclear Winter
9. Outbreak Of Evil
10. Resurrection
11. Bombenhagel (Live)
12. Masquerade In Blood
13. Bullet In The Head
14. Stalinhagel (Live)
15. Shellshock (Live)
16. Angel Dust
17. Sodomized
18. Aber Bitte Mit Sahne
19. Die Stumme Ursel
20. Mantelmann

Album: '''Til Death Do Us Unite'' (1997)
1. Frozen Screams
2. Fuck the Police
3. Gisela
4. That's What an Unknown Killer Diarized
5. Hanging Judge
6. No Way Out
7. Polytoximaniac
8. 'Til Death Do Us Unite
9. Hazy Shade of Winter
10. Suicidal Justice
11. Wander in the Valley
12. Sow the Seeds of Discord
13. Master of Disguise
14. Schwerter zu Pflugscharen
15. Hey, Hey, Hey Rock'n Roll Star

Code Red

Album: ''Code Red'' (1999)
1. Intro
2. Code Red
3. What Hell Can Create
4. Tombstone
5. Liquidation
6. Spiritual Demise
7. Warlike Conspiracy
8. Cowardice
9. The Vice of Killing
10. Visual Buggery
11. Book Burning
12. The Wolf & The Lamb
13. Addicted to Abstinence


Album: ''M-16'' (2001)
1. Among the Weirdcong
2. I Am the War
3. Napalm in the Morning
4. Minejumper
5. Genocide
6. Little Boy
7. M-16
8. Lead Injection
9. Cannon Fodder
10. Marines
11. Surfin' Bird (The Trashmen Cover)

One Night in Bangkok

Album: ''One Night in Bangkok'' (2003 Live album)
1. Among The Weirdcong
2. The Vice Of Killing
3. Wachturm
4. The Saw Is The Law
5. Blasphemer
6. Sodomized
7. Remember The Fallen
8. I Am The War
9. Eat Me!
10. Masquerade In Blood
11. M-16
12. Agent Orange
13. Outbreak Of Evil


Album: ''Sodom'' (2006)
1. Blood On Your Lips
2. Wanted Dead
3. Buried In The Justice Ground
4. City of God
5. Bibles And Guns
6. Axis of Evil
7. Lords of Depravity
8. No Captures
9. Lay Down The Law
10. Nothing To Regret
11. The Enemy Inside

The Final Sign Of Evil

Album: ''The Final Sign Of Evil'' (2007)
1. The Sin of Sodom
2. Blasphemer
3. Bloody Corpse
4. Witching Metal
5. Sons of Hell
6. Burst Command 'Til War
7. Where Angels Die
8. Sepulchral Voice
9. Hatred of The Gods
10. Ashes To Ashes
11. Outbreak of Evil
12. Defloration



Sodom is a German thrash metal band, formed in 1982. They are considered one of the three biggest teutonic thrash bands — the other two are Kreator and Destruction.

Sodom's original line-up consisted of Tom Angelripper, Chris Witchhunter and Aggressor. Taking inspiration from British speed metal bands such as Motörhead and Venom, they released two demos which led to a record deal with Steamhammer. Aggressor left the band shortly before releasing the In the Sign of Evil EP (generally regarded as an important early black metal release), and was replaced by Grave Violator, who did not last long himself. On the debut album Obsessed by Cruelty he was replaced by Destructor. After the release however, Destructor left Sodom to join Kreator. Destructor (Michael Wulf) died in a motorcycle accident in 1995.

Thereafter, their breakthrough album Persecution Mania was released with yet another guitarist, Frank Blackfire. A live album Mortal Way of Live followed. The next album made Sodom famous: Agent Orange, released in 1989. This album managed to sell 100,000 copies in Germany alone. Since then, Sodom is one of the three big names of German Thrash metal. The others are Kreator and Destruction. Again, a new guitarist was to be found as Blackfire also left the band to join Kreator. The replacement was found in Michael Hoffman.

In this line-up the Better Off Dead album was released in 1990. During the South American tour however, Hoffman decided to stay in Brazil and therefore was forced to quit. His replacement was found in Andy Brings and a new album was recorded, titled Tapping the Vein, which was more death metal influenced than before. This proved to be the last album with the drummer Witchhunter who was kicked from the band. Atomic Steif found his way behind the drumkit.

This line-up now, recorded the next album, Get What You Deserve. Out were the death metal influence, in came the hardcore influences. Get What You Deserve had an arguably grotesque album cover and many fans were disappointed with the new direction. Also, this marked the beginning of less international visibility for Sodom as thrash lost its commercial viability for the remainder of the 1990s. At this time Angelripper also started a solo career doing metal impressions of drinking songs, German schlagers and even Xmassy Carols. Another live album was recorded of the tour in support of this album called Marooned - Live.

In the same vein as the previous album, Masquerade in Blood was released in 1995. Again another guitarist was to be found. The new axeman was Strahli, but he did not stay very long with the band either; he was fired due to drug problems. Also Atomic Steif left and again Angelripper needed to search for new members. These were found in the person of Bernemann on guitars and Bobby Schottkowski on drums. Apparently this line-up has stabilized the band significantly and is still current.

The album 'Til Death Do Us Unite featured a controversial album cover, depicting the belly a pregnant woman and a beer gut of a man pressing a human skull together. Stylistically, it continues along the lines of Masquerade in Blood. However, in 1999 Code Red was released and formed a return to the sound of the 1980s thrash metal. A limited edition featured a bonus CD containing a tribute to Sodom album called Homage to the Gods. In the same vein, M-16 was released displaying Sodoms interest in the Vietnam War. The title of course refers to the automatic rifle M16. A tour followed with the other two big German thrash metal bands Kreator and Destruction. The band carried on the thrash metal style from the previous album.

In 2003, a double live album was recorded in Bangkok, Thailand, titled One Night in Bangkok. A new album simply titled Sodom was released in 2006, in the same vein as its predecessors Code Red and M-16. The title was chosen as Angelripper explained because every band needs a self-titled album. The album was however delayed because the DVD Lords of Depravity took more time to compose that initial thought.

Current members

* Tom Angelripper (Thomas Such, Onkel Tom) - Vocals/Bass (Desperados)
* Bobby Schottkowski - Drums (ex-Crows, ex-Tom Angelripper)
* Bernemann (Bernd Kost) - Guitars (ex-Crows)

Former members

* Aggressor (Frank Testegen) - Guitars (1983-1984)
* Grave Violator (Pepi Dominic) - Guitars (1984-1985)
* Destructor (Michael Wulf) - Guitars (later Kreator) (1985-1986) R.I.P. in 1993.
* Assator (Uwe Christophers) - Guitars (ex-Darkness (Ger)) (on tour in 1986)
* Frank Blackfire (Frank Gosdzik) - Guitars (later Mystic (Bra) and Kreator) (1987-1989, special appearance in the December 28, 2006 concert in Bochum)
* Uwe Baltrusch - Guitars (on tour in 1989/1990) (also in Mekong Delta, later House of Spirits)
* Michael Hoffman - Guitars (ex-Assassin (Ger)) (1990)
* Andy Brings - Guitars (later Powergod) (1991-1995)
* Strahli (Dirk Strahlimeier) - Guitars (1995-1996)
* Chris Witchhunter (Christian Dudeck) - Drums (1983-1992) (see also Destruction and Bathory)
* Atomic Steif (Guido Richter) - Drums (later Stahlträger and Assassin (Ger), ex-Sacred Chao, ex-Holy Moses, ex-Living Death, ex-Brotós) (1992-1996)


* Witching Metal (Demo) 1983
* Victims of Death (Demo) 1984
* In the Sign of Evil (EP) 1984
* Obsessed by Cruelty 1986
* Expurse of Sodomy (EP) 1987
* Persecution Mania 1987
* Mortal Way of Live (live album) 1988
* Agent Orange 1989
* Ausgebombt (EP) 1989
* Better off Dead 1990
* The Saw Is the Law (EP) 1991
* Tapping the Vein 1992
* Aber Bitte mit Sahne (EP) 1993
* Get What You Deserve 1994
* Marooned Live (live album) 1994
* Masquerade in Blood 1995
* Ten Black Years - Best Of 1996
* 'Til Death Do Us Unite 1997
* Code Red 1999
* M-16 2001
* One Night in Bangkok (live album) 2003
* Lords of Depravity Part I (double DVD, 2005)
* Sodom - 2006
* Lords of Depravity Part II - TBA

Black/Speed/Thrash Metal

Satan, Blasphemy (early), Loss, War, Sorrow (now)

Germany (Gelsenkirchen/Nordrhein-Westfalen), formed in 1982



Tom Angelripper (Thomas Such) - Vocals, Bass (Desperados)
Bobby Schottkowski - Drums (Crows, Tom Angelripper)
Bernemann (Bernd Kost) - Guitars (Crows)

Aggressor (Frank Testegen) - (also Vocals, 1982-1984)
Grave Violator (Josef ``Peppi`` Dominic) - (1984-1985, 2007)
Destructor (Michael Wulf) (R.I.P. 1993) - (ex-Kreator) (1985-1986)
Atheator/Assator (spelling varies) (Uwe Christophers) - (Darkness (Ger)) (on live, 1986)
Frank Blackfire (Frank Gosdzik) - (Mystic (Bra), Kreator, Black Messiah (guest)) (1987-1989)
Uwe Baltrusch - (Mekong Delta, House Of Spirits) (live, 1989/1990)
Michael ``Micha`` Hoffman - (Assassin (Ger), Checker Patrol) (1990)
Andy Brings - (Powergod) (1991-1995)
Strahli (Dirk Strahlimeier) - (1995-1996)

Bloody Monster (Rainer Focke) - (1982)
Chris Witchhunter (Christian Dudeck) - (Destruction on 'Eternal Devastation' tour) (1982-1992, 2007)
Atomic Steif (Guido Richter) - (Stahlträger, Assassin (Ger), Sacred Chao, Holy Moses, Living Death, Violent Force) (1992-1996)


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