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Winds Blow Higher

Album: ''Winds Blow Higher'' (2001)
1. Lying in Wait
2. Winds Blow Higher
3. Sands of Time
4. Solitude
5. Change
6. Strings
7. Rain (Instrumental)
8. Moments
9. Do You Remember?




origin: Israel, Ranaana
formed in: 1996
status: split-up
last known line-up: David Bendayan, Maor Appelbaum (ex-Betrayer (Isr), Moonskin, Vultures, Thy Mesmerized
label: Raven Music / The End Records

So this is metal's version of "dreampop" music with a slight Slowdive "shoegazer" feel. Israel's Sleepless has quite the impressive debut here with Winds Blow Higher, a wonderful journey through moods, atmospheres and delicate songwriting. The Sleepless duo is made up of two musicians who cover a lot of territory in instrumenation: guitar, piano, synths, fretless bass, weird noises and effects. Other musicians offer help with saxophone, classical guitars and vocals. In short, this creates a lush, vibrant and pensive sound that is often found in the best of the Projekt Records' roster. The production allows for a warm, open sound, giving each of the instruments space to breathe as well as echo and create the dreampop vibe. Both members of Sleepless provide vocals and act as polar opposites but to a great degree of success. The best thing about Winds Blow Higher is that it only gets better as the CD progresses. "Change", "Strings" and the instrumental "Rain" all work together as a seamless, transient journey. The band has a great sense of dynamics and the ability to weave in a nearly magical feeling to their music. Fans of Slowdive, Lycia, Canaan, Judgement of Paris and other brooding, mystical bands should most definitely rush out to find this disc. In a nutshell, wonderfully impressive.

Dark progressive/jazz rock/metal, shoegazer

Israel (Raanana), formed in 1996

The End Records


David Bendayan
Maor Appelbaum (ex-Betrayer (Isr), Moonskin, Vultures, Thy Mesmerized)


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