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The Horizon & the Storm

Album: ''The Horizon & the Storm'' (1995)
1. The Horizon (Intro)
2. Fear of the Moon
3. Little Girl
4. Skylark
5. Crystal Lake
6. A Star in the Universe
7. Escape from the Dark
8. The Storm


Album: ''Dragon's Secrets'' (1997)
1. The Temple
2. Creature of the Devil
3. The Answers
4. Skylark
5. Waiting for the Princess
6. Light
7. Princess of the Snow
8. Dragon's Secrets

Divine Gates Part 1: Gate Of Hell

Album: ''Divine Gates Part 1: Gate Of Hell'' (1999)
1. Intro
2. Welcome
3. The Triumph
4. Belzebù
5. The Last Question
6. Earthquake
7. I Can't Find Love Tonight
8. Satan Arise
9. Why Did You Killed the Princess
10. Lift for the Sky
11. Dance of Stars

Divine Gates part 2: Gate of Heaven

Album: ''Divine Gates part 2: Gate of Heaven'' (2000)
1. Among the Clouds
2. Who Is God?
3. Lady of the Sky
4. Monday 13 October
5. Insanity Is the Truth
6. The Guardian Angel
7. The Heaven Church
8. Last Christmas in Hell
9. Outro

The Princess

Album: ''The Princess' Day'' (2001)
1. The Princess' Day
2. I Will Cry Tonight
3. Journey Through the Fire
4. Another Life
5. Hope (Intro)
6. Rufus, Part 1
7. Symbol of Freedom, Part 2
8. The Tragedy
9. White Warrior


Album: ''Wings'' (2004)
1. Rainbow in the Dark
2. Summer of 2001
3. Another Reason to Believe
4. Belzebú, Part 2
5. Faded Fantasy
6. Last Ride
7. A Stupid Song
8. When Love and Hate Collide (Def Leppard cover)

In the Heart of the Princess

Album: ''In the Heart of the Princess'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Fear of the Moon
2. Twilight
3. Why Did You Kill the Princess?
4. A Star in the Universe
5. Creature of the Devil
6. Little Girl (2003 version)
7. Symbol of Freedom
8. Lady of the Sky
9. Belzebú
10. Dream (2003 version)
11. The Triumph
12. Escape from the Dark
13. Last Battle



Four bands: (1) Metal (2) Pop (3) Folk (4) Rock

(1) Skylark is a symphonic power metal band from Italy. Formed by keyboardist Eddy Antonini, the current line-up is:

Kiara - Female Vocals
Fabrizio "Pota" Romani - Guitar
Roberto "Brodo" Potenti - Bass
Eddy Antonini - Keyboard

At the moment Skylark does not have a drummer. They have released a total of 7 albums, and are working on their next album, to be called Divine Gates Part III - The Last Gate.

(2) Canadian pop band who released hit song "Wildflower" in 1973.

(3) Karelian folk band

(4) Rock band from north devon

Power Metal

Fantasy, Love

Italy (Milano), formed in 1994

Underground Symphony


Kiara - Lead Vocals
Fabrizio ``Pota`` Romani - Guitars (Infinity (Ita))
Roberto ``Brodo`` Potenti - Bass (Eddy Antonini)
Eddy Antonini - Keyboards, Piano, Harpsichord (ex-Khali)

Carlos Cantatore - Drums (ex-Affliction (Ita), Amethista, Ivory (Ita))
Fabio Dozzo - Lead and Backing Vocals (Eddy Antonini)
Fransesco Meles - Drums
Federico Ria - Drums (1994-2000/2005)
(Eddy Antonini, PerpetualFire, Pandaemonium (Ita), Steel Without Name)
Nico Tordini - Guitars (Eddy Antonini)


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