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Nativity in Brown

Album: ''Nativity in Brown'' (2003 EP)
1. Orgiastic Blasphemy
2. A Future in Flames
3. Shadowsphere
4. In Silence
5. There is Only Satan



A long time ago in Bethlehem so the Holy Bible says, Mary's boy child Faeces Christ said "Fuck this carpentry shit, I wanna play Black Metal". And thus Skuldom, New Zealand's longest serving Black Metal band, was formed.

Hark now hear the angels sing...

It’s first line-up had Faeces Christ on bass and vocals, Femondoetus screaming and a session drummer. The first demo “An Earth Born Dark… And So It Shall Die” was recorded in 1998. It featured two songs – “Flamespawn”and “Shadowsphere”, which is still played live today.
This was followed by a period of songwriting by Faeces, and Femondoetus took over main vocals.

In 1999 Faeces and Femon were introduced to Necrosodomy at a gig. Three questions were asked of Necro – Do you play double kick? Do you have a car? Do you smoke pot? A yes to all three questions meant Necro was as good as in. The new line-up rehearsed for about three months before gigging.

Skuldom played a number of shows in Auckland with local bands – Malevolence, Dawn of Azazel, Coven, etc. It was during this period that Skuldom began wearing their own blood on stage.

During 2000 Skuldom continued to gig steadily and re-recorded “Shadowsphere” for a NZ Metal compilation. (The Last Friday the 13th of The Millennium).

By 2001, after many local gigs, Skuldom decided to take it’s blood-soaked brutality on tour. Their “Blasphemous Violations” tour had six dates, including two with Misery of Brisbane (Australia). The Christchurch show was Skuldom’s first taste of Satanfest. This is a fuckin' brutal annual event and Satanfest should be a pilgrimage made by every metaller in NZ.

The following year Skuldom continued writing songs and playing shows throughout NZ, with bands such as Meatyard, Ulcerate, Graymalkin, Backyard Burial, Aphelon, Christian Combustion and Atomizer of Melbourne (Australia). This year also saw another appearance at Satanfest. It started with Meatyard (Anti-christchurch). They had a gimp on a mattress humping the entrails of two freshly killed deer and hurling organs into the audience. Fuck yeah.

Skuldom's pro-suicide rants and throwing scalpels into the crowd (“you know what to do with them”) drew some abuse. Faeces then showed them what to do by carving a large inverted cross into his chest. This is what Satanfest is all about. After their set Faeces passed out and was taken to hospital where he received 60 stitches and a telling off from the nurse.

More shows followed in 2003, starting with a Pungent Stench support slot in February. This was the debut of Femon's meat bra, which proved a favorite amongst carnivorous bogans.

On Christmas day "Nativity in Brown” was released featuring a most blasphemous cover for this special day. The first copies went on sale in Bethlehem (NZ – just north of Tauranga). A release show in Auckland followed the next night. While attendance was good, the vengeful christians expected didn’t arrive. Posters asking “Do You Hate Christians” had been plastered all over church property – of course, Skuldom had nothing to do with this. Another poster featuring a large turd in a manger proved popular with the flock too, with most of these being vandalised or torn down.

In 2004 Skuldom returned to (anti)christchurch to play with Deeds of Flesh, California (U.S.A). Later in the year they began work on their first music video "Orgiastic Blasphemy". Working with Director Andrew Beattie, Skuldom developed an idea for a video loosely based on the adventures of Ed Gein. Over a six week period Skuldom assembled a crew of volunteers to create the set and make the numerous props used (vaginas, limbs, heads etc...). The cast was made up from Skuldom's friends and a few "exotic" dancers. This required repeated late night auditioning. The shoot itself took one day and one evening.

Another Halloween, another Satanfest. This time their stage props consisted of three sheep's heads, which had been used in their video six weeks earlier. (Being buried in Faeces' backyard between the video and the show ensured that the stench was truly vile.) A lot of people made a hasty exit as the rot permeated the entire venue. Once again Faeces required medical assistance – this time a cut hand got infected by rotten sheep blood. Blood poisoning had set in.

In March 2005 Skuldom played their second gig with Pungent Stench. A month later “Orgiastic Blasphemy” was released. This was well received as was the wax covered stripper in the mosh pit, until she was dragged offstage by the Bad Mutcher (from the video). Skuldom is currently working on their next release.


Black Metal

Death, Anti-Christian, Satan, Misanthropy

New Zealand (Auckland), formed in 1998



Femondoetus - Vocals
Faeces Christ - Bass & Vocals (Vassafor)
Holocaust - Drums

Necrosodomy (Martin Cavanagh) - Drums (Dawn of Azazel, Forced to Submit, ex-Exordium Mors)


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