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Swollen Heaps

Album: ''Swollen Heaps'' (1995 Demo)
1. Crispy Kids
2. Cuntaminated
3. Merrie Melodie
4. Tug of War Intestines
5. Pool of Stool

Progression Towards Evil

Album: ''Progression Towards Evil'' (1998)
1. Confines of Human Flesh
2. Extermination of My Filthy Species
3. Tampon Lollipops
4. Milk and Innards
5. Cuntaminated
6. Scum Cookie
7. Bobbing for Heads
8. Fetus Goulash
9. Crispy Kids

Foreshadowing Our Demise

Album: ''Foreshadowing Our Demise'' (2001)
1. Foreshadowing Our Demise
2. Smothered
3. The Optimist
4. Salvage What's Left
5. Tug of War Intestines
6. Affirmation of Hatred
7. Enslavement
8. Merrie Melody
9. Pool of Stool


Album: ''Miscreant'' (2002 EP)
1. Intro
2. Miscreant
3. Deathwork
4. Condensing
5. Outro

From Sacrifice To Survival

Album: ''From Sacrifice To Survival'' (2003)
1. The Frontline of Sanity
2. Escalate Discord
3. Deathwork
4. A False Sense of Security
5. From Sacrifice to Survival
6. Battle Perpetual Will
7. Miscreant
8. Dead Conscience
9. Don't Risk Infection

Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead

Album: ''Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead'' (2006)
1. Overlord
2. A Unilateral Disgust
3. Deviation Will Not Be Tolerated
4. Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead
5. Spoils of the Sycophant
6. Endvisioned
7. Execution of Reason
8. Wicked World (Black Sabbath cover)



New York brutal death metal merchants Skinless were formed in 1992 by vocalist Sherwood Webber and guitarist Noah Carpenter. Undergoing countless line-up changes early on, the band finally stabilized with the arrival of bassist Joe Keyser and drummer Bobby Beaulac prior to recording 1998's independently released Progressions Towards Evil debut. The album scored high marks with both fans and critics, and constant touring behind acts like Mortician and Incantation led to a deal with Relapse Records, for whom they recorded their second opus, Foreshadowing our Demise in 2001. By then, the band had begun adding discreet melodies and varied rhythms to their once furiously full-speed assault, and 2003's much improved From Sacrifice to Survival (featuring Origin drummer John Longstreth temporarily stepping in for the sessions while Beaulac tied the knot) took this evolution even further. In 2005 Sherwood Webber left the band and was substitued by Joe's brother.

Brutal Death Metal

Gore, Sick Humor, Death, War, Misanthropy...

United States of America (Glens Falls, New York.), formed in 1992

Relapse Records / Step Up


Jason Keyser - Vocals (Detriment (US), Mucopus)
Noah Carpenter - Guitar
Joe Keyser - Bass
Chris Mahar - Drums

Adam Lewis - Bass
John Longstreth - Drums (Origin (US), Possession (US), AngelCorpse, ex-Exhumed (US), ex-The Red Chord, Dim Mak)
George Torres - Drums (ex-Dehumanized, Mortician (US), ex-420, ex-Hiroshima 22)
Ryan Wade - Drums, Vocals
Sherwood Webber (Goat Mass) - Vocals
Bob Beaulac - Drums (Disciples of Berkowitz)


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