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Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded

Album: ''Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded'' (1997)
1. When Pain Comes to Surface
2. Dissolve
3. Race of Hate
4. Paleface
5. Down
6. Promised
7. Stumble
8. The Art of Suffering
9. Ten Seconds


Album: ''Eyesore'' (1998 EP)
1. So Far From the Truth
2. Noah
3. Raza Odiada (Pito Wilson) (Brujeria cover)
4. Pain Comes to Surface (Demo Version)
5. Paleface (Live Version)

Disembody: The New Flesh

Album: ''Disembody: The New Flesh'' (1999)
1. So Far From the Truth
2. Know Your Enemies
3. No Sympathy (For the Devil)
4. Scapegoat
5. Breathe
6. I Name My Pain
7. Excellerate
8. Coward
9. Second Skin: New Flesh
10. Looks Can Be Deceiving

Revolting Room

Album: ''Revolting Room'' (2002)
1. Intro
2. Come Get It
3. Slave the Way
4. Purifiy
5. Anthem For A Fallen Star
6. Disturbing the Art of Expression
7. Take As Needed
8. Jesus Sells
9. Never Give In
10. One of Us



Skinlab is alternative metal/groove metal band formed in 1995 in San Francisco, California by vocalist/bassist Steev Esquivel, guitarist Mike Roberts, guitarist Gary Wendt, and drummer Paul Hopkins (the lineup having since been altered). After releasing 3 full length studio albums and an EP, they disbanded in 2003 following the departure of two core members. Though there was, at one point, talk of the remaining duo (Steev Esquivel and Steve Green, aka Snake) soldiering on, they have since formed another band called Re:Ignition. It is unknown whether or not Skinlab will ever get back together, but for now, this does not seem to be the case.

Skinlab's sound can best be described as hardcore groove metal. They have been extensively compared to Machine Head. Both originated out of the so-called Bay Area, were formed at approximately the same time, and are said to have similar-sounding debut albums. While Machine Head has since changed their sound from their debut (returning to the groove metal sound on their most recent album), Skinlab is still generally credited with having stuck to their original sound.


* Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded (1997)
* Eyesore EP (1998)
* Disembody: The New Flesh (1999)
* Revolting Room (2002)
* Nerve Damage (2004)

Groove Metal (early) Mallcore (later)

United States of America (San Francisco, CA), formed in 1994

Crash Music


Steev Esquivel - Vocals, Bass (ex-Laughing Dead, Defiance)
Steve Green (Snake) - Guitars (Skrew, Peace Sanctuary)
Paul Hopkins - Drums (Bizarro)
Julian Peach - Guitars

Mike Roberts - Guitars
Gary Wendt - Guitars (Sacrilege B.C., Release (US))
Scott Sargeant - Guitars (Gack, Wrekking Machine, Killing Culture, Lääz Rockit, M.O.D.)
Glen Telford - Guitars


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