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Perpetual Damnation

Album: ''Perpetual Damnation'' (1990 Demo)
1. Putrefying Remains
2. Spiritual Immolation
3. Compulsory Resignation
4. Perpetual Damnation

Putrefying Remains/Spiritual Immolation

Album: ''Putrefying Remains/Spiritual Immolation'' (1990 EP)
1. Compulsory Resignation
2. Perpetual Damnation


Album: ''Sinister'' (1990 EP)
1. Compulsory Resignation
2. Spiritual Immolation
3. Putrefying Remains

Sacramental Carnage

Album: ''Sacramental Carnage'' (1991 Demo)
1. Sacramental Carnage
2. Epoch of Denial
3. Lacivious Desolation
4. Perpetual Damnation
5. Compulsory Resignation
6. Putrefying Remains
7. Spiritual Immolation

Cross the Styx

Album: ''Cross the Styx'' (1992)
1. Carnificina Scelesta
2. Perennial Mourning
3. Sacramental Carnage
4. Doomed
5. Spiritual Immolation
6. Cross the Styx
7. Compulsory Resignation
8. Corridors to the Abyss
9. Putrefying Remains
10. Epoch of Denial
11. Perpetual Damnation
12. Outro

Nuclear Blast Sample 4 way Split

Album: ''Nuclear Blast Sample 4 way Split'' (1992 Split)
1. To Escape Is to Die
2. In Years to Come
3. I Die
4. Corridors to the Abyss

Diabolical Summoning

Album: ''Diabolical Summoning'' (1993)
1. Sadistic Intent
2. Magnified Wrath
3. Diabolical Summoning
4. Sense of Demise
5. Leviathan
6. Desecrated Flesh
7. Tribes of the Moon
8. Mystical Illusions


Album: ''Hate'' (1995)
1. Intro
2. Awaiting the Absu
3. Embodiment of Chaos
4. Art of the Damned
5. Unseen Darkness
6. 18th Century Hellfire
7. To Mega Therion
8. The Cursed Mayhem
9. The Bloodfeast

Bastard Saints

Album: ''Bastard Saints'' (1996 EP)
1. Reborn from Hatred
2. Bastard Saints
3. Rebels Dome
4. Cross the Styx
5. Epoch of Denial

Aggressive Measures

Album: ''Aggressive Measures'' (1998)
1. The Upcoming
2. Aggressive Measures
3. Beyond the Superstition
4. Into the Forgotten
5. Enslave the Weak
6. Fake Redemption
7. Chained in Reality
8. Emerged with Hate
9. Blood Follows the Blood

Creative Killings

Album: ''Creative Killings'' (2001)
1. Relic of Possession
2. Bleeding Towards the Wendigo
3. Creative Killings
4. Judicious Murder
5. Reviving the Dead
6. Early Gothic Horror
7. Moralistic Suffering
8. Altering the Beast
9. Season of the Wicked
10. Storm in my Mind (Possessed cover)

Savage or Grace

Album: ''Savage or Grace'' (2003)
1. Rise of the Predator
2. Savage or Grace
3. Barbaric Order
4. The Age of Murder
5. Conception of Sin
6. Chapel Desecration
7. Dominion
8. Collapse Rewind
9. Apocalypse in Time



Premier Dutch Death Metal act SINISTER has enjoyed two flushes of popularity and respect, first as recognised Euro pioneers of the genre then as a revitalised and female fronted force spearheading the return of Death Metal in mainland Europe. The band formed in 1988 as a trio of Mike van Mastrigt, Ron and drummer Aad Kloosterwaard adding bassist Corzas in early 1989. This line-up released the 'Perpetual Damnation' demo. Sales of the tape were strong and SINISTER toured supporting ENTOMBED and DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA.

Corzas left in May 1991 and bass duties were handed over to SEMPITERNAL DEATHREIGN's Frank Faase. Another line-up shuffle saw Ron moving over to bass as SINISTER added second guitarist Andre. Thier second demo had secured enough interest to land a deal with Nuclear Blast. The band had also released three singles, one a split EP with MONASTERY, and appeared on a compilation album in the interim. In 1991 SINISTER toured as support to ATROCITY. More touring opened up 1992 as SINISTER gained a valuable support slot to MORGOTH.

A deal was struck with Nuclear Blast Records with debut album 'Cross The Styx' being produced at Mainstreet Studio Fautspach in Germany by ATROCITY's singer Alexander Krull. The band toured to promote 'Cross The Styx' by opening for DEICIDE, ENTOMBED, CANNIBAL CORPSE and ATROCITY among others.

SINISTER's second album, 'Diabolical Summoning', was recorded at TNT Studios in Gelsenkirchen during March of 1993 and produced by Colin Richardson, with a third album appearing in 1995 entitled 'Hate'. Promoting this opus the band put in European headline dates in February 1996 together with CREEPMIME, AVULSED and DARKSEED.

Mike and Kloosterwaard founded HOUWITSER in 1999 for the 'Death But Not Buried' album. Mike would also later front DEATHSQUAD.

Vocalist Eric decamped in August 1999. After which Joost of Grindcore outfit INHUME and DROWNING IN TEARS took care of the vocal role until SINISTER surprised many by adopting a female lead singer Rachel Heyzer of OCCULT. Heyzer, a lady in possession of a mighty roar that would shame most male Death Metal vocalists, made her debut with the 'Creative Killings' album. SINISTER switched from Nuclear Blast to the Hammerheart label, licensed in America to the Martyr Music Group, for the November 2001 release of 'Creative Killings'. The album included a cover version of POSSESSED's 'Storm In Your Mind'.

Aad Kloosterwaard would also occupy the drum stool for Death act THANATOS but would vacate this position in August 2001.

By early 2002 the SINISTER ranks saw departure of longstanding guitar player Bart van Wallenberg and subsequent the induction of CANTARA and GOD DETHRONED guitarist Pascal for touring purposes. SINISTER would be announced as support to NILE's October European tour. Further European dates for November would be announced with the band forming up a package bill comprising SEPTIC FLESH, DISMEMBER and THYRFING. The band had their efforts rewarded by re-signing to Nuclear Blast label for a new studio album 'Savage Or Grace'.

Former SINISTER singer Mike van Mastrigt resurfaced in late 2002 in a new band union DEATH SQUAD working with ex-RADIATHOR guitarist Walter Tjwa, second guitarist J.G. and drummer Michel.

The band made further upward progress with the album 'Savage Or Grace' but adjusted its line up in August of 2003, ousting both guitarist Pascal Grevinga and bassist Alex Paul. Guitarist Ron van de Polder, who had been involved in the song writing process for 1992's 'Cross The Styx' and 'Savage Or Grace', stepped in as replacement as the new look trio immediately set to work on a new album 'Heaven Termination'. This renewed burst of activity also manifested itself in a side project, INFINITED HATE comprising the full SINISTER triumvirate of Heyzer, van de Polder and Kloosterwaard.

In 2004 SINISTER would donate their rendition of 'Storm In My Mind' to the 'Seven Gates Of Horror' tribute album assembled by the Karmaggedon Media label in homage to pioneering Bay Area Thrash act POSSESSED. After 16 years of delivering extreme Metal, SINISTER folded in April of 2004.

Word arrived in March of 2005 that SINISTER, comprising a revised casting seeing Aad Kloosterwaard handling vocals, Paul Beltman, ex-JUDGEMENT DAY, on drums and Alex Paul on bass and guitar, had reformed. The band entered Stage One studio in Germany to cut new album, 'Afterburner' in December.

[ There is also a west coast rap group named Sinister. ]

Death Metal

Occultism, Death, Satanism

Netherlands (Schiedam), formed in 1986

Nuclear Blast


Aad Kloosterwaard - Vocals (Drums until 2003) (Infinited Hate, Blastcorps, Houwitser, ex-Thanatos (Hol), Monastery, Supreme Pain)
Alex Paul - Guitar (Bass 1997-2003) (Blastcorps, ex-Houwitser, ex-Sadistic)
Paul Beltman - Drums (ex-Judgement Day (Hol), Scrotum (Hol), Passion, FondleCorpse (session), Infinited Hate)
Bas van den Bogaard - Bass (ex-Judgement Day (Hol), Infinited Hate, ex-Pleurisy)

Mike van Mastrigt (1986-1996) (ex-Houwitser, Sorcerer (Hol))
Eric de Windt (1997-1999) (ex-Destr�yer 666, ex-Severe Torture, ex-Prostitute Disfigurement, ex-Inhume, ex-Flatulation)
Joost Silvrants (2000) (Drowning Tears, Inhume, Cliteater)
Rachel Heyzer-Kloosterwaard (2001-2003) (ex-Occult (Hol), ex-Pathology (Hol), ex-Infinited Hate, ex-Sacramental Sachem)

Guitars and/or Bass:
Korzas - Guitar (1989-1991)
Frank Faaze - Guitar (1991) (Sempiternal Deathreign)
Andre Tolhuizen - Guitar (1991-1994) (Vulture (Hol))
Pascal Grevinga - Guitar (2003) (also in Cantara)
Bart Van Wallenburg - Guitar/Bass (1992-2002)
Ron van de Polder - Guitar/Bass (1988-1992, 2003) (Infinited Hate, ex-Monastery, ex-Ceremony (Hol))
Michel Alderliefsten - Bass (1996) (Houwitser)


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