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Ave F�nix

Album: ''Ave F�nix'' (2004)
1. Ave f�nix
2. El predicador
3. Piel roja
4. En llamas
5. Armaged�n
6. Cuesti�n de honor
7. Aunque no estes aqu�
8. Cambiando la suerte
9. Cielo o infierno
10. Puedo o�rte gritar
11. T� y yo

Tears of Blood

Album: ''Tears of Blood'' (2007)
1. The Fear
2. Flight of the Phoenix
3. Martyr
4. I'm Sorry
5. Natural Born Killers
6. Tears of Blood
7. I Still Believe in you
8. I wait for you in Hell
9. Encouraged
10. Torment
11. Balls to the Wall (Accept Cover)*

silver fist


After the separation of MURO, his singer Silver decides to form a new band at the end of 2002 with the name SILVER FIST along with the ex-drummer of MURO Iván Manzano with the clear idea to practice pure and direct Heavy Metal.

Soon they begin to compose and to play emphasizing the concerts in the Aqualung club of Madrid opening like guests of Saratoga the day of the recording of its live DVD, with Mötorhead and in the Viñarock festival (2003 and 2005).

They join the spanish label AVISPA and in October of 2003 record their very first album “Ave Fénix” in the M-20 studios, released on April of 2004, and that includes 1 CD with 11 own songs and a second CD with 6 versions of classic bands of the Heavy Metal like Black Sabbath, Savatage or Slayer.

Shortly after Diego Lopez (guitar) and Jose M. the Perez (bass) join the band.

In September of 2004 they record the subject “Killer of Giants” for the album tribute to Ozzy Osbourne “Tribute to Madman” devised and produced by Jorge Escobedo (SÔBER, SKIZOO), idea that took to the band to participate in the festival ViñaRock 2005 under the name of “THE MAD ONES” with other musicians who participated in this tribute album (Antonio Bernardini and Jorge Escobedo (SÔBER, SKIZOO) on the guitars, Oscar Sancho (LUJURIA) voice, Enrik Garcia guitar and Alfred Romero voice (DARK MOOR) and David Martinez, keyboards.

During the year 2005 they begin to compose great part of which will be the second album of Silver Fist and playing in several Spanish festivals as the baptism of ROCKZINANTE EXCALIBUR METAL FESTIVAL that took place in Alcala de Henares (Madrid) togheter with Saratoga, Baron Rojo and Medina Azahara.

The 2006 being a great year for the band, accompany in January Saratoga in Madrid in the presentation by its last album and in April presenting “AVE FENIX” live, also in Madrid, and with great participation of its followers, later to stay in Germany on the 6th edition of the festival KEEP IT TRUE where they share stage with bands like EXCITER, PARADOX, ROSS THE BOSS, GRIM REAPER, RIOT… very being valued between the public who 2 times a year meets for this festival, which also served so that at the end of June they return to german lands to another metal event, THRASH TILL DEATH near Hannover.

Festivals like ViñaRock 2006, Leyendas del Rock Festival, Kastañorock, Carabañarock in Madrid, Maizrock in Leon and several more counted with the presence of Silver Fist this year by great part of the country, as well as in clubs of cities like Valladolid, Sevilla, Dos Hermanas, Guadalajara, Avila etc.

And already finally, after several delays, the band began the recording of its second album, that will be called “Lágrimas de Sangre”, during the months of June and July, that will be released during the final part of this year 2006.

At this moment it is when Nacho Ruiz leaves the band and Pablo Fernandez replaces him.

The 6th of November 2006 “Lágrimas de Sangre” was released, pre-produced by Big Simon (Saratoga, Terroristars, Dark Moor), produced and recorded in the M-20 studios of Madrid with David Martinez and Hadrien Fregnac, mixed by Fredrik Nordström and Hendrik Udd in the Fredman Studios (Sweden) and finally mastered by David Martinez. The cover was in charge of Jowita Kaminska (Exodus, Attacker).

The album receives superb reviews by all specialized press in Spain (Metal Hammer, RockHard, etc), is album of the month in and and cover of the HeavyRock magazine of December 2006.

The band is right now on its tour 2007 with great amount of gigs in Spain and festivals within the country as Extremusika or Leyendas del Rock Festival or outside like the Metal Thunder Fest in Puerto Rico and the Headbangers Open Air in Germany.

Also they are finalizing the recording of “Lágrimas de Sangre” on its english version that will be called “Tears of Blood” and will be distributed in Europe via SoundFood distribution.

Speed Metal

True metal

Spain (Madrid), formed in 2003



Silver Solorzano : lead vocals (Muro, Venganza, Viuda Negra (Madrid))
Pablo Fernandez : guitars & backing vocals (Unsouled (Esp))
Ivan Manzano : drums (Muro, ex-Crying Blood, ex-Crienium)
Diego Lopez : guitars (ex-Misantropía (Esp), Hysteria (Esp))
Jose M. Perez : bass guitar & backing vocals
(ex-Muro, Crienium)
Filtho - Keyboards (ex-Amset, Al Otro Lado)

Miguel - Guitar (Panzer (Esp), Coz)
Mario - Bass (Panzer (Esp), ex-Crienium)
Nacho Ruiz : guitars & backing vocals


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